What is the meaning of travel? Looking for happiness in the journey, there was a netizen who asked for a holiday but didn’t want to go to the Tibetan area. Xiaobian recommended him to go to western Sichuan, because it is known as the scenic promenade. When the holiday is long, take the Sichuan-Tibet line to Tibet!

In the beautiful scenery of western Sichuan, there are extremely high snow peaks, five-colored holy lakes, low-altitude glaciers, canyons, innocent grasslands, long starry sky, red spots, red rock beaches, natural hot springs, etc. and near extinct natural scenery, satisfying all the beautiful scenery of the plateau. fantasy!

At least 5 civil airports in the west of Sichuan and even on the Sichuan-Tibet line, but it is not recommended to fly by plane. In addition to the altitude, it will miss the most beautiful scenery along the way, and enjoy the most beautiful scenery with limited holidays!

The dreamy blue sky, the sky in the Sichuan-Tibet Plateau is blue in all seasons. If there is no pure blue sky as the backdrop, it seems that the original beauty lacks a kind of charm, and the blue sky highway is the most beautiful!

Places worth visiting in western Sichuan: Daocheng Aden, Seda Buddha College, Maoyu Prairie, Hailuogou Glacier, Siguniang Mountain, Jiaju Tibetan Village, Xinduqiao, Dangling, Bipinggou, Yaqing Temple, Tupugou, etc. Wait, you can plan your travel route according to your own time!

Among the scenic spots in western Sichuan, 80% of tourists want to go to Seda Buddha College and Daocheng Yading. If it is recommended to spend two days together, it is recommended to spend 7 days, and a round trip around Daocheng Yading for 5 days. The specific route is planned according to time!

What season is the best in Sichuan? The scenery of the four seasons has different beauty. In July, August and 9th, it is green and lush. In October, November and December, it is the autumn color of the forest. In January and February, it is the snowy landscape under the blue sky. March It is the ice of the pear flower.

Some people say that Sichuan has to go four times to experience different beauty. If the holiday is not long enough, you may wish to visit Sichuan for a visual feast!