Always think that people in this life, should be young to go out more, see the outside world.

Go to a place where you can be quiet and take beautiful photos that make you want to cry.

So, like many of us, we packed our bags and began our journey.

Because we wanted to see more scenery in our limited vacation, we wanted to visit all the scenic spots at once. Although we took many photos, we still felt empty in our heart.

Travel and tourism, although only a word difference, but the meaning is very different.

The most beautiful is not the scenery, but to see the scenery of the mood, when you are rushing around in the market type, in fact, has lost the meaning of travel.

Travel more and travel less while you’re young. Here are 8 ways to travel that you should try!

Traveling alone

A person can travel very casually, listen to their inner voice, all the way to see the scenery, experience different customs, encounter unexpected surprises and stories…

When traveling alone, one does not have to deal with complicated trifles, indulge or scruple, and enjoys the luxury of “traveling without asking others, but following one’s own will”.

The adventure of the brave

If you haven’t been brave once, you may never know how much travel can bring you.

Break the rules and do a real extreme challenge, whether it’s overcoming your fears or gaining the strength to walk, and you’ll be grateful for who you are.

A trip for girlfriends only

Bestie for women, in fact, more important than lovers.

She can play goddess together with you, also can accompany you to make two, in front of her, you can put down the disguise, want to cry cry want to smile smile.

Know your changes in temperature, know your joys and sorrows, because of her existence, will someone tolerate your capricious, when you say go, accompany you with wanton act.

Romantic trips between lovers

“If you love someone, travel with them. If you still love each other after the trip, get married!”

“Men are from Mars, women are from Venus” is a true test of the saying during the trip, but also because of the big differences between men and women, it is more able to test whether two people are really suitable for each other.

Backpackers’ tour

If you really love traveling, be a backpacker!

A backpack, a map, spend the least money, walk the longest road, see the scenery that others can’t see.

You may travel over mountains and rivers and sleep rough, but the tranquility of nature, playfulness among companions and rare experiences in travel will become a valuable treasure in your life.


In your life, you should go hiking at least once, because only your feet can take you to the most beautiful scenery.

The stars shine, the silver moon is like water, in the boundless wilderness, waiting for the sun to shed its first ray, watching the nature show you all kinds of wonderful.

Road trip

The mottled landscape is the precipitation of time, beautiful landscape is the color of nature, perhaps only drive yourself, can let you really feel the charm of nature.

Don’t worry about getting up early, and don’t hurry to catch the bus, bus, your journey you decide, all the way fresh, convenient, unknown, exciting, from the moment of departure, the scenery has been your panoramic view.

A journey of light luxury quality

If poor travel is a way of travel, then the light luxury travel that pays attention to quality is an attitude of life.

Within the scope of economic ability, the ultimate temptation of travel is to pursue every detail of higher quality and turn travel into a delicate enjoyment.

Take a walk along the Seine, drink in a roadside pub, encounter the fragrance of mysterious temptation in a street corner, listen to the sound of time passing by your side…