If your heart is far away, traveling is a love affair.

All the scenery along the way is your increasingly flat life in the beautiful encounter!

Some time ago, I read a poem by haizi named “summer sun”, in which some lines read:

You come to the world, you want to see the sun, and your sweetheart, walk together in the street, understand her, also want to understand the sun

In life, you may be used to seeing, the subway stairs in the early morning, such as the tide of the sea, and the evening across the street under the overpass, it is slower than walking alone belongs to the city’s neon.

Lonely midnight, when the mind is exhausted, perhaps, a proper travel, just the most pleasant.

Yang Shuo

All say, “guilin landscape is the best in the world. Yang Shuo is the best in guilin.”

Whether in the early morning or late afternoon, Yang Shuo is surely the most comfortable scenery on the hot summer day.

Phoenix ancient town

The small town beacon fire, the water in the years, there are always unruly unrestrained people.

Come to fenghuang ancient town, look for a misty rain, the graceful scenery of zhong ling yu, the flashing neon, with the steps of the master through, perhaps, the next corner of the coffee shop, you will see the person looking for.


Since people find Lijiang, just as it gives the definition of all about love.

Therefore, it has become the eyes of many people can not miss the scenery, whether it is a summer dream, or the sunset, as if it is an incomparable part of the beauty.

Daocheng County

The beginning of a story is always like this; The end of the story is always like this, two flowers, far from each other.

Sometimes, if you turn around, you may miss a lot. But in Daocheng County, if you turn around, you may encounter the luck of your life.


Beautiful men and women in sunshine and beach, you can think of a better scenery than this!

Vernal sunshine, romantic lover bridge, wanton indulgence of the beach beach, the beautiful scenery everywhere, must be the flowers of ten miles.


I am eager to meet the scenery that fascinates me in Qingdao.

Under the northern sky, hiding the beauty of love at first sight, whether it is the red wall and white tile German style building, or the summer carnival beer festival…… Maybe, only need a minute, you will be drunk in its romantic amorous feelings.


Encounters above 3,000 meters above sea level may be more memorable.

Every summer, qinghai is a dream in the eyes of many people. The boundless sea of grass and flowers, the continuous qilian mountains, and the qinghai lake under the white clouds…


Memory of Taiwan, that is the birthplace of romantic love.

Go to Kenting, meet the sea, the fresh green grass aroma, under the sun, in the sea breeze, perhaps, will become the witness of the beautiful future.

In this beautiful season, give yourself a trip.

Let yourself be the wind blowing clouds in the sky, to encounter the unknown beauty.