Midsummer comes, always want to find a place to play in the water to feel the charm of summer. This time we went to qionglai tiantai mountain, which we visited in winter a few years ago. Tiantai mountain in summer is totally different from winter. During the day, we watched the mountains and played in the water. In the evening, we sang and played in the farmhouse. We also went to see the romantic fireflies.

Tiantai mountain is located in qionglai, chengdu, 110 kilometers away from chengdu. It only takes us two hours by car to get there. The highway under jiaguan town is full of tea gardens all the way, and the scenery is very beautiful.

Take a sightseeing bus to lei Yin temple, which was originally a Taoist temple in the han dynasty, and gradually became a buddhist temple after the tang dynasty. Due to its geographical advantages, lei Yin temple is recognized as the largest and highest-ranking temple among the buddhist temple sites in tiantai mountain.

Lei Yin temple now has a courtyard, including tianwang temple, daxiong hall, guanyin hall and other buildings in the inner corner. Here, the environment is quiet and the vegetation is flourishing. The overall architecture of the temple adopts the style of Ming dynasty, and the layout is rigorous and reasonable.

There is another temple behind the main hall, through the woods, up the steps, and the temple stands still, solemn and sacred.

Walk along the plank road outside the temple and you will go to the most attractive place of tiantai mountain, a water resort.

That day we came across the opening ceremony of the mountain water and food festival and the firefly sky camping festival. Men and women, young and old, all joined in splashing water and catching fish.

In this midsummer day, a group of people’s carnival, cool summer. As the characteristic brand activity of tiantai mountain scenic spot, the alpine water play festival has been successfully held for many years, which is a shining name card of tiantai mountain created by fully integrating the characteristic resources of the scenic spot.

Then we took the raft to the other side of the fragrant grass ditch. The whole tiantai mountain, I most recommend this place, the environment is beautiful, but also can experience water swing, son mother wooden boat, water climbing ladder, waterfall climbing and other water sports. Wearing straw sandals or slippers, walking in the water, do not have some fun.

While walking in the forest, while breathing deeply negative oxygen ion burst shed air, even in midsummer, here also can feel the cool.

Every once in a while, there are these water sports, these balancing and physical activities that people love.

The most interesting is the natural slide, just met a team of people, here to play a lot of fun, everyone probably back and forth to play more than ten times before thinking about leaving. Onlookers on the pier seemed to feel their joy, everyone’s laughter, applause spread in the valley.

If you want to climb the mountain, you can continue to walk. When you reach shuanglong, there are two ways to walk, but they are all around. We choose the side with fewer people to climb the mountain.

There are also a lot of play facilities here. This one is called cloud riding, which USES the principle of lever. The maximum tilt Angle is 30 degrees from left to right.

Still take bamboo raft boat return journey. In the evening in the hotel or farmhouse eat barbecue, chat, to the day completely black down, we went to see fireflies, full mountain in a flash, really super romantic.

The second day we chose to walk down the mountain, remember a few years ago when it was up, really super tired, it was easier to go down. It took us about two hours to get to the finish line.

This all the way craggy rocks, water winding, attitude, full of fresh green eyes, here to feel a different kind of cool.

This is a nearly century-old southern jujube tree that holds a huge stone tightly in its arms, and its roots are tightly wrapped around the stone, hence its name.

In this section of the road is the most famous xiangshui beach waterfall, which is the most spectacular tiantai mountain waterfall. The waterfall has a height difference of more than 60 meters and sounds like thunder. We go from top to bottom, and it’s even more spectacular when we look down from above.

There is a changhong waterfall not far from xiangshuitan waterfall. Every time the sun rises in the east, a rainbow is born in front of it. It is gorgeous and charming. This waterfall is not as spectacular as the shishui beach waterfall, but it is just as spectacular.

From changhong waterfall to go down the mountain, will also pass the suspension bridge, walk more people, the suspension bridge sway, very fun.