Mount Emei

Mount Emei, located in Mount Emei city, leshan city, sichuan province, is a national 5A tourist attraction and one of the four famous buddhist mountains in China. Mount Emei is famous for its steep terrain and beautiful scenery.

Jinding (3,077 meters), the seat of huazang temple, a buddhist holy land, has become the highest point of Mount Emei tourism. In jinding you can watch the four wonders of emei — sunrise, sea of clouds, Buddha light, holy lanterns.

Mount Qingcheng

Mount Qingcheng, located in the southwest of dujiangyan city, sichuan province, is a national 5A tourist scenic spot. The whole mountain is green and evergreen all the year round. It is famous in sichuan, as well as the dangers of jianmen, the show of emei and kuimen, and has the reputation of “qingcheng world quiet”. Laojun pavilion, the highest peak, is 1260 meters above sea level.

Mount Qingcheng is divided into front mountain and back mountain. The front mountain is the main part of Mount Qingcheng scenic area, with beautiful scenery and numerous cultural relics. Back hill traffic inconvenience, more dangerous terrain, natural scenery preserved in good condition.

Gongga Mountain

Gongga Mountain, Gongga is located south of kangding, sichuan province. Gongyin means snow and Gongga means white, meaning immaculate white snow peak. Gongga Mountain is the main peak of daguxue Mountain, surrounded by 45 peaks over 6000 meters above sea level. Gongga Mountain stands on the top of the peaks with an altitude of 7556 meters, which is the highest peak in sichuan province, so it is called “king of shu Mountain”.

Four girls mountains

Four girls mountains, located in the aba Tibetan and qiang autonomous prefecture, sichuan province four girls in the town of mountains, the national 4 a level scenic spots, four girls mountains is composed of four connected mountains, the main peak 6250 meters above sea level, four girl called “queen of shushan”, adjacent to the three girl peak 5664 meters above sea level, the second girl peak 5454 meters above sea level, big girl peak 5355 meters above sea level.

Xilin snow hill

Xilin snow hill, located in dayi county, chengdu city, sichuan province, is a national 4A scenic spot. It is named after the famous line of tang dynasty poet du fu, “the window contains xiling qianqiu snow, and the gate is parked at dongwu wanli ship”. Xilin snow hill is the highest mountain in chengdu with the main peak of 5,364 meters above sea level.

Three masters snow mountain

Three religious Lord snow mountain, that is, three mountains in daocheng, Tibetan language as “nyenchen gonggar day loose kampot”, meaning “at the age of three guardian deity mountains of snow is not the holy land”, is located in daocheng county, ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, sichuan province, three snow mountain fairy is day respectively (6032 meters), epicenter Wallace yong (5958 meters), hands full (5958 meters), corresponding to Tibetan Buddhism’s compassion, wisdom and courage to three: witnessing a bodhisattva, manjusri bodhisattva and king kong hands bodhisattva.

Luoji Mountain

Luoji Mountain is located at the border of xichang and puge county, liangshan yi autonomous prefecture, sichuan province. Luoji Mountain is famous for its magnificent landscape and its main peak is 4359 meters above sea level. The core scenic spot “luoji 99 li” is the world’s largest hot spring waterfall and the only hot spring islands in the world.

Tiantai Mountain

Tiantai Mountain, located in the west of qionglai city, sichuan province, is a national 4A tourism scenic spot. During the ancient flood times, dayu used this Mountain to ascend to heaven when he was passing through the state of shu, thus gaining the good name of “Tiantai”. Tiantai Mountain has a large number of trees in the scenic area, with a forest coverage rate of 95% and 5,000 kinds of plants, which is the natural oxygen bar for urban residents. “the strange mountains, strange rocks, beautiful water and secluded forests” are the famous characteristics of Tiantai Mountain at home and abroad.


Niubeishan, located at the junction of yingjing county and luding county, ya ‘an city, sichuan province, is 3,660 meters above sea level. Its unique location, surrounded by mountains, gives it a 360-degree reputation as “the largest viewing platform in China” and an excellent photography mecca. At present, niubei mountain area has been closed for development.

Huaying Mountain

Huaying Mountain, located in guang ‘an city, sichuan province, is a 4A national tourist attraction, the main peak is 1704.1 meters above sea level. The scenic spot takes the green and dense mountain forest as the environmental keynote, takes the world rare karst early development stone forest wonder as the typical landscape representative, is China’s highest elevation mountain stone forest. Huaying Mountain with over 97% forest coverage is a rare “natural oxygen bar”.