What is a bestie?

Bestie is the side that accompany you cry, laugh with you

Know all that’s on your mind

Know all your emotions

People who go shopping, eat and gossip together

If you can

Always look for opportunities to travel with your girlfriends

Go to the same place

Look at the same landscape

Have common memories


Go to the city of the sun with you

Lhasa is a mysterious place with bright sunshine, white clouds, pure sky, thin air, continuous snow mountains and quiet lakes.

Lhasa is also a magical place. No matter where you come from, the exotic atmosphere will hit you immediately.


Wow your frontier town

Any season into the altai mountains, you will have a worthwhile trip feeling.

In spring, everything comes back to life and the mountains are covered with azaleas. It is as if god had been bold to cast his colours upon mount arr in summer, when the trees were green.

Autumn, the layers of all dyeing, highlighting the desolate sense of prosperity; In winter, the snow on both sides of the road was bending their yingying waist, tsundere cypress body also covered with silver costumes.


The most spectacular yellow ocean


The city rises and falls in the sea of flowers and becomes an island in the sea.

Out of the sea of fog floated a myriad of isolated, round hills, covered with sunlight from which it could not be found.


The unadulterated beauty that one cannot forget

Nyingchi is different from the impression of Tibet, some solemn, some ethereal, on the contrary, it has the soft side of Tibet.

Prosperity is called prosperity, because no matter how many times you come, there will be different feelings, different harvest. Nyingchi, this is not enough to come here 100 times.


Rare pure land in the world

Here everywhere quiet and cool air gradually permeated the whole body, the boundless sea of flowers is intoxicating people, in walking, the footsteps of the splash is not soil but the fragrance of flowers and plants.

The primitive tuva people live in the primitive villages of hemu and bahaba. The dazzling scenery makes people obsessed and unable to let go.

Weizhou Island

Relax under the blue sea and blue sky

Diderot once said: modern refinement is not poetic, the real poetry in the primitive ecology of the constant passage of time. The life of weizhou island is the best interpretation of the poetic world of diderot.

And bestie take some beautiful photos, after all, weizhou island is too beautiful, beautiful people drunk, straight drunk don’t want to wake up.

Pingyao ancient town

A visible history

An ancient city is actually an ancient book.

Once the wind and rain smoke and cloud quietly embedded between the lines, in the face of the wind, let people in the midst of the moment in history, from the fold of time to read the vicissitudes of life and inevitable.

The lane of pingyao is too narrow, the person is not easy to awake, think slanting ground is draped in the shoulder warm sun, or the Ming and qing dynasties wen wan appearance.

Snow village

A fairy tale world in the snow and ice

There are no tall buildings here, and the small courtyards of each family are scattered in the snow. The snow is so deep that half of the Windows are submerged. The farmhouses are more like white mushrooms emerging from the snow.

A gust of wind blowing, rolled up the soft snow into the air, snowflakes fluttering all over the sky, as if the next big snow.

Mount Huang,

An amazing totem in the sea of clouds

Mount Huang is a scenic spot in all seasons, except in winter.

When the majestic huangshan mountain is covered with silver, the graceful peaks, strange pines, strange rocks, waterfalls and the pavilions scattered among them are just like a hazy Chinese painting.

Whether it is the romantic beauty of flowers blooming all over the mountains in March of spring, or even the holy beauty of the snowy winter, Mount Huang is bound to leave a mark on your heart.


The softness of the city of love

Some people say, if there is a place, let you go then deep attachment, want to stay, want to die of old age, that is lijiang.

The long lane paved with bluish stone is scattered with the ancient city’s light fireworks, and occasionally pedestrians walk leisurely through, leaving the trance memory in time. This is lijiang, where you can dream even when you smell the wind.


Flower town in fairy tale

The ideal life may seem out of reach, but in fact, it is within reach in Colmar.

No bustling crowds, no noisy streets, only flowers surrounded, there are unrestrained window, only one eye will always stay in the memory of the deepest.


If there is a heaven on earth

Beautiful Bali scenery is very beautiful, not only have the sea, beach, and sunset, it is really ten thousand kinds of customs.

Of course, in addition to the clear water, the web celebrity swing here must also clock in, feel the excitement of flying in the air.

Phuket Island

The blue island of the land of smiles

With its wide, beautiful beaches, immaculate white sand and emerald water, Phuket Island is a jewel in the andaman sea of the Indian Ocean.

The sea bottom is colorful, the shape is different, the graceful live coral and the coral reef, the color is colorful, constitutes a strange underwater world.


The world inhabited by fairies

Cappadocia is not a city, but a fairy tale world inhabited by elves and fairies. Here, the great forces of nature forge a unique magical landscape.

Watch the sunrise and sunset together with bestie in a hot air balloon, fly over the magical canyon, it must be a beautiful journey.


Crystal blue dream

Blue ocean, glittering coral, dazzling white beach, green shore coconut grove whirling, quiet water huts, purple and dense beautiful mountains…… This is Tahiti.

It’s starting in 2019

I had a trip with my best friend

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