Before going to Tibet, many people are worried about this worry. There are also many related precautions on the Internet, but they are not very practical. According to their own experience over the past years, Zhuoma has summed up 20 items that should be paid attention to when going to Tibet. Share it to everyone.

1. Do not take a bath in the first two or three days after you arrive in Tibet. After the body adapts to the plateau, wash it again. Otherwise, it is easy to catch a cold, and pulmonary edema will eventually occur.

2, the best way is to take the train into and out of the plane, take the plane from the beginning, it is easy to have altitude sickness.

3. After you first arrive in Lhasa, you must do two things first. First, buy two bottles of oxygen at the supermarket for emergency use. Second, take a good sleep and don’t be too excited.

4, take photos in the Potala Palace Square to pay attention, can not sit and shoot, can not pull the banner, can not put the package.

5. The Tibetan Mastiff and the yak photographed by Yanghu Lake and Namtso Lake are all charged, usually around 20 yuan.

6. If you go to Linzhi and pass through the birthplace of Songtsan Gambo, don’t take the Tibetan Mastiff at the door when you shoot the gate, you have to collect the money.

7. Military facilities along Tibet can not be photographed, such as the Nujiang Bridge on the Sichuan-Tibet line.

8, visit the Potala Palace can not wear skirts, can not wear sunglasses, check-in will not let you in.

9. Tickets for the Potala Palace during the peak season are not particularly difficult to buy, and must be queued in advance in the morning.

10. Don’t buy Tibetan medicine, Cordyceps, etc. on the roadside. Most of them are fake. If you want to buy the best pharmacy in Lhasa.

11, do not intend to buy things, do not casually engage in price with others, if you do well, you must buy, otherwise Tibetans will be very angry.

12. Most of the Tibetan ornaments in Barkhor Street are crafts. If you buy them, you should never spend tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands to buy them.

13, self-driving tour attention, many sections of the Tibetan area have manual speed measurement, speeding is not a penalty but a penalty time.

14. When you stop to take pictures on the road, don’t park your car on the side of the mountain, because there are often falling rocks.

15. Refueling in Tibetan areas requires ID card, driver’s license and driving license. The driver’s license and ID card must be the same.

16. Foreigners and our Taiwan compatriots cannot go to Tibet. Hong Kong and Macao compatriots and Xinjiang tourists need to apply for relevant documents.

17. The ultraviolet rays in Tibet are particularly strong. To go to Tibet, you must do a good job of sun protection. Otherwise, black may be more than a face.

18, Tibet has a large temperature difference between morning and evening, with a few pieces of thick clothes, at least a thin sweater in summer, and a down jacket in spring and autumn.

19. In Tibet, coins are not circulated and can only be used for banknotes.

20, go to the Tibetan area, do not bring stationery, you can not send out along the way, you should change some change.