Travel to Tibet is now a very fashionable tourist route, now people use planes, trains, self-driving travel, cycling, hiking all kinds of ways originally Tibet, people to Tibet are either already in Tibet or on the way to Tibet.

Why do so many people travel to Tibet now? What are the reasons for people to choose Tibet? Recently, I made a trip to Tibet.

In fact, many people said that the reason to travel to Lhasa is as clear and straightforward as the sky in Tibet. Although there are different reasons for so many people to travel to Tibet, one reason is the same in the end: they like Tibet, so they come to Tibet.

In their hotel met this year’s graduating college students from Beijing, asked his trip to Tibet Lhasa for the simple reason is to give yourself a different a bit of a memorable trip, asked him why he is Tibet Lhasa rather than other places, answer is very simple, because Tibet is the roof of the world mount Everest, to a place of the world’s highest give yourself an unforgettable graduation trip. It seems that young people’s ideas are different from ordinary people, simple, direct and clear.

On the way to potala palace, I met two retired couples from guangdong province. They talked about why they came to Lhasa, Tibet, and they tried to express their ideas. They couple just retired from work, retired after also met at the hotel and the college students’ ideas about the same, graduated from college students want to give yourself a different trip, retired couples to Tibet Lhasa’s purpose is to give yourself a memorable retire to travel, to retire from work through hard work left a memorial, also calculate reward for his hard work, it is also a retired memorial trip for yourself.

In the doorway of the potala palace, booking tickets, met with civil servants on sabbatical from ningbo ho, civil servants, asked the cause of him to Lhasa in Tibet, he said, now there are too many people to Tibet Lhasa, if you chat with others in the unit, no trip you have been to Tibet Lhasa, if your answer is no, then you is with somebody else talk in less than an alternative tourism, almost all colleagues friends visited Tibet Lhasa, even to the Everest base camp, wood cuo lake, nyingchi and so on, if you don’t know didn’t come through, It is simply a travel – because of this, I used the annual leave of civil servants to book the air ticket to Lhasa, Tibet, to complete the card trip to Lhasa, Tibet.

When wood cuo lake, see the sunrise met someone traveling to Tibet Lhasa hebei lad, the young man told me, he is a freelancer, now just quit a job, want to give yourself a rest time to Lhasa in Tibet, asked why to Lhasa in Tibet, the young man thought for a moment, watching the sunrise, sunrise wood cuo lake, said a words, you see the sunrise of the wood cuo lake, just to see the beautiful spectacular sunrise wood cuo lake scenery, I went to Tibet.

Encountered from JiLinLai Tibet travel tour bus, a family of four people, family travel to Tibet because they want to see Tibet tourism as a bonus gift, the son of university graduating graduate choose travel in Tibet, the son of the son said, he is already has a yearning, on mount Everest before the school doesn’t have the time, university is about to graduate, now you want to see mount Everest, let to see mount Everest to witness their graduation from university.

Small Tibetan milk tea shop in barkhor encountered a set out to Tibet sichuan Jiang Dashu, mutombo was plateau very dark face, plus a couple of days and they tired let uncle appear much older, but hear his voice to let you know, this is a physiological age and actual age is a big gap between the old heart also happy young travelers. Speaking of the reason why he set out more than 3,000 kilometers to Tibet, he said, is for happiness, is to test their own physical endurance and willpower, see how much ability to deal with difficulties, so they set out 3,000 kilometers to Tibet.

In fact, many people said that the reason to travel to Lhasa is just like the sky in Tibet.