People often ask me, “of all the places I’ve been to, which one do you like best?”

I will answer without hesitation: west sichuan

Almost everyone says that Tibet is a paradise of beauty and a paradise of faith. But the vast land of the motherland, although there is only one Tibet, but there is a more attractive place than Tibet!

Her altitude is not as high as Tibet, sacred mountains and lakes are also holy blue.

She may not be as religious as Tibet, but she is still sincere and moving in the eyes of practitioners.

It is not so far away as Tibet. Everyone can reach it easily.

It’s west sichuan, a spoiled place by god!

One way to the west way duwen high speed, across the wolong nature reserve, looking up at the top of the panda kingdom of balang mountain, overlooking the white snow peak of siguniang mountain, then arrived at the gateway town of siguniang mountain (formerly known as rilong town). When approaching siguniang town, I will pass by here, which is the best photography point for shooting siguniang mountain. You can clearly see siguniang mountain.

-why is it called siguniang mountain?

– siguniang mountain is revered by local tibetans as a god. Legend has it that four beautiful and kind-hearted girls, in order to protect their beloved giant pandas, and fierce demons for heroic struggle, and finally became four straight and beautiful peaks, namely four girls mountain.

Twinbridge Trench

Twinbridge Trench is the most deeply developed, most colorful and most suitable for mass tourism among the three gullies of siannong mountain, covering a total length of 34.8 kilometers. The scenic area is mainly dominated by snow peaks, pastures, grasslands, forests and wetlands, which can be comparable with the alpine and Swiss mountain scenery.


With an altitude of 3,300 meters, there is a meadow of hundreds of mu. When the spring breeze blows, all kinds of alpine flowers cover the wide lawn, just like a huge flower basket. Plus cattle and sheep ramble during, surrounded by beautiful form of seabuckthorn forest, mountains and clear water, wide sky blue, just like a paradise.


With an altitude of 3,580 meters, the whole lake is hidden between tall fir trees and vigorous seabuckthorn trees, just like a huge mirror. In fact, this is a natural barrier lake formed by debris flow impact. The lake is clear, the dead trees and old trees stand still, the snowy peaks are reflected by strange rocks, surrounded by green shade and grass, under the sun, colorful, beautiful.

Potala peak

Across from Potala peak, on a wide meadow, stands a white tower, around which you can pick up a stone, put your hands together, walk clockwise three times, and make wishes and wishes.

Take a four-hour view of the Twinbridge Trench, a scenic bus ride that will whisk you straight into the snowy mountains in a few minutes. One scene at a time, forests, streams, snowy mountains… Panoramic view, ditch in any of the landscape, are a smart landscape painting!

Haizi Trench

Haizi Trench is a ditch with the most alpine lakes in the siuniang mountain scenic area. During the hot summer days, I witnessed the calm and deep lake without earthly life, and my impetuous heart calmed down immediately. Summer night camping, look at the sky, meteor across remember wishing oh! It is also the only way to climb the two peaks.

In the entrance to the mountain, you can also see some unfaded azaleas, some pink and some white, as if to welcome our arrival.

After walking for about 15 minutes, I arrived at the place where I could ride horses on foot or on horseback. I chose to ride horses, which cost 200 RMB.

Riding is really very easy, bad health friends can choose to ride, don’t try to be brave.

The road is still not very easy to walk, so I admire these campers who are carrying their tents on their back.

Come across a tractor, congratulate me plateau xi ti tractor a, have been thinking about this tractor is how to drive to the top of the mountain.

We rode right here, and then we walked for another 20 minutes or so to get to the event.

The weather changes from sun to rain.

Chanting for blessing, the most traditional ceremony, joyful folk songs and dances… The grand and mysterious traditional mountain pilgrimage ceremony retains the traditional folk culture with original local characteristics, allowing the masses and tourists to experience the rich folk culture at zero distance.

zhaoshan will be held, people lined up in a variety of queues, under the blue sky, under the holy and lofty snow mountains, along the back of the mountain road came here, worship the shrine of scura sacred mountain, salongda, pray for good weather in the coming year.

Make sure you wrap yourself up, because uv rays are really strong and burn easily.

After the mountain-turning ceremony, the concert mode began.

After the day’s activities, the night of scura – camping activities will be opened under the stars, in the tent, under the stars, feel the pure and pure siguniang mountain!

Changping Valley

With a total length of 29 kilometers and an area of about 100 square kilometers, the valley is long and gentle, and siguniang mountain is located within the ditch for 16 kilometers. Only some sections of the ditch are open to traffic, and most of the rest can only be walked or ridden. Through changping ditch can lead to the foot of siguniang mountain, but also can bypass the siguniang mountain through bi peng ditch to li county.

The air inside the ditch is fresh and the ecology is excellent. Entering the dense forest in the afternoon sunlight is like being in a fairy tale. The whole journey is expected to take 6 hours.

On the return trip, I stopped at the shooting point to take pictures of siguniang mountain, which was different from the appearance of the trip. In the drift of the white clouds, four girls mountain more enchanting, her head of white hair more graceful and colorful.

The sea of clouds this impermanence, only crossing the predestined relationship. The first time I met a sea of clouds, I was very happy.

Want to come with snow mountain cloud sea a perfect encounter? Go west sichuan!