Travel is to learn a long-lost hug: embrace the blue sky, embrace the sea, embrace nature, and embrace the truest self.

Some scenery, if you don’t stand high, you will never realize its charm; some roads, if you don’t leave, you never know how beautiful it is.

It is said that there is no Ali, no Tibet, and some people say that west of Lhasa is the real Tibet. Ali is one of the most complete geographical units in Tibet.

Shaped like olives, straight into the sky, magnificent

Known as the “king of the mountain”

This is the God Mountain Gang Rinpoche


The highest freshwater lake in the world

It is a holy lake identified by many religions in the world.

It is also one of the most prestigious lakes in Asia and the world.

In the Tibetan language, it means “the eternal undefeated Jasper Lake”

The entire castle is built on a loess slope more than 300 meters high.

The terrain is steep, and the caves, stupas, towers, temples, and palaces are in an orderly layout.

From the bottom up, the mountains are stacked, and the sky is straight, and the momentum is magnificent.

These caves are mostly living rooms, densely covered with hillsides.

This is the site of the Guge Dynasty.

The most famous of the Tolin Temple is the various murals.

There are Buddha statues, Bodhisattvas, Buddhas, King Kong, etc.

“The rituals of the rituals of the Buddha” and the “Figure 16 of the Diamond Lady” are among the best

Smooth and delicate, lifelike and exquisite


The vast area of ​​Zada ​​Tulin

Its geomorphology is called geological phase

Under the sunlight, the mountains of the forest are bright and vivid, vivid and rich.

The riverside tortoise and the nearby stupid stupa are mysterious and solemn in the twilight


Ban Gong is in the valley of the depression

a large lake with blue light

Brightly lit by the sun

The snow is reflected in the snow-capped mountains and blue sky and white clouds.

Really a beautiful picture

Laon is the toxic black lake.

There is almost no grass around the lakeshore, so it is called “Ghost Lake”.

But the scenery is very beautiful

There is a dark red hill by the lake, and the color is very blurred.


Namunani Peak is also known as the “Goddess Peak”

Majestic snowy peaks in the clouds

The rolling mountain makes the famous “Sacred Lake” Malang and the “Ghost Lake” Laon in the arms

The mountains and lakes are in harmony, dazzling, giving people unlimited imagination.

The vast waters present a serene jasper

A roundabout dam stretches into the lake

The lake is very large, looking at it, the lake and the mountains, the brilliance, very magnificent

Depicting the beautiful curve of Zha Nanmu


Xiagangjiang Snow Mountain main peak is as high as 6822 meters

The unique natural features and cultural landscape of the plateau

Surrounded by magical Dawa Lake, ancient Buchan Temple, rich wildlife resources and original scenery



Yarlung Zangbo River

Looking at the reflection in the lake, listening to the sound of the river

Make this lake different from other lakes to get unique charm

The world’s fourteenth-highest Shishabangma

Like a quiet beautiful man lying on the ground

In the wilderness of the mountains, cattle and sheep stalk the grassland leisurely

What a beautiful situation


Bamu is a sister lake that is not far from Namtso

The lake is green for a while, it’s blue for a while, and it’s a bit blurred later.

Sometimes it can change a variety of colors in a short time, quite amazing


Selin is wrong with a “Devil’s Lake”

Like a gem set in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, clear and blue

So vast and beautiful, the beauty is dazzling


When you get rid of the fault, it is the biggest holy lake in the worship of the monks.

Blue lake reflects the afternoon sun in the breeze

At the moment, it is beautiful like a saint.

Quietly lying in this silky lake

Zabuye tea card is called “the mirror of the sky in Tibet”

Like the “color palette” spilled on the wasteland

Here is divided into square squares

Like a grid of rice fields, some red, some brown, colorful and colorful


The quiet and far-reaching Renqing Shubu seems to grow into a man.

Bringing it more tension and majesty for the wild

A raised island in the middle of the lake stretches out to the shore

The curved peninsula became its most prominent symbol