If there is a very beautiful summer, guizhou at least nine points.

Spring ding dong, valley ethereal, like rain after the rainbow, the painter’s ink wonderland, everywhere is full of poetic and painting, can not be sought, but only a look on the intoxicated.

If you have loved Guizhou for a long time, you might as well brush aside the fan doors in the right season to meet the southwest of strategically the most beautiful.

Jiaxiu Pavilion

Jiaxiu Pavilion is a landmark building in guiyang, and visitors to the city come to view the scenery.

Walk across the floating jade bridge connecting Jiaxiu Pavilion, which is the cuiwei garden. The pavilions and waterside pavilions in the park have the style of jiangnan.

The night view of Jiaxiu Pavilion was especially beautiful, brilliantly lit from a distance.

Qianling mountain park

Qianling mountain park features mingshan, xiushui, youlin, ancient temple, holy spring and spirit monkey. It is known as “the first mountain in qiannan”.

Hongfu temple on the top of the mountain, the largest buddhist jungle in guizhou, was built in the qing dynasty, and it is said that praying in the temple is very efficent.

The road from hongfu temple down the mountain is particularly crowded with macaques, who are not afraid of people and allow visitors to get up close and personal with them.

Snack street

Located to the west of shopping center in hongtong city, near guiyang railway station, snack street is filled with snacks from across guizhou province at hundreds of stalls.

The snack street is very long, the evening is very busy, roast brain flower, roast rice skin, roast duck sausage, hezi ba, beef powder and so on are worth a taste.

Zhijin caves

The cave, with its open space and complex rocks, is a treasure house of cave resources with magnificent scale and peculiar shape.

The cave is filled with various shapes of stalagmites, pillars, stone shoots, zhong qi, etc., tunnel zigzag, shi feng xing luo four cloth.

Wumeng prairie

Wumeng prairie, also known locally as slop prairie, is located in the north of pan county.

Grassland average temperature 11.1℃, cool climate, is a summer resort.

In the grassland can be a variety of outdoor activities, horseback riding, archery, camping, barbecue, is a road trip the excellent choice.

Nanlong buyi ancient village

Nanlonggu village is very small, few tourists know here, even if the peak season is not many people.

You can get close contact with the life of the bouyei people in the ancient stockade. The buildings like the eight diagrams stockade, the point and the stage, and the battle ground are all preserved with the appearance of primitive simplicity.

Along the SLATE road, stop and go, as if a kind of time shuttle feeling.

Made a forest zealand-based scenic area

The Wanfeng forest scenic area is composed of nearly 20,000 scenic peaks and beautiful peaks.

The beautiful mountains, together with the green fields, winding rivers and primitive villages, form a rare peak-forest idyllic scenery in the world.

In addition to appreciating the poetic and picturesque ink painting scrolls, you can also watch buyi nuo appearance performance, listen to the eight-tone song, and appreciate the strong buyi customs and culture.

Ma ling river valley scenic area

The Ma ling river valley scenic area is so beautiful and scenic with so many waterfalls that it’s called “the most beautiful scenic spot on earth.”

Dozens of waterfalls are colorful and magnificent, really like ten thousand horses galloping.

Along the ancient road and down, strange and deep canyon slowly show in the eyes, fresh and cool, relaxed and happy.

Huangguoshu Waterfall

The splash of water, filled with water mist, in the sunlight, the refraction of colorful light.

Into the water curtain hole, place oneself among them, looking at the crystal water flow down, if hidden, like a fairyland on earth.

Star bridge zealand-based scenic area

Tianxingqiao scenic area is located in the lower reaches of huangguoshu waterfall, which is divided into three major areas: tianxingjing area, tianxingdong area and stone forest on the water.

Here is the main ornamental stone, tree, water wonderful combination, is the water stone forest changes into a natural scenic area.

Tianxing cave scenic area has all kinds of strange peaks and rocks, 4 large stone pillars in the scenic area reach directly to the roof of the cave, each pillar is more than 20 meters high, very spectacular.

Steep pond waterfall

The steep slope pond scenic area is located 1 km upstream of huangguoshu waterfall, which is the widest waterfall in huangguoshu waterfall group.

It is also the setting of the song at the end of the 86 TV series journey to the west. The scenery is spectacular, and if you are lucky, you can see the rainbow.

Bi pond still hides fish and shrimp, so local buyi people often hand a net to catch small fish and shrimp in the pond.

Yunfeng village

Yunfeng tunpu scenic area is mainly composed of yunshan village and the village, which is the core area of the early Ming dynasty.

All the stockaded villages and watchtowers are built in the stockade. The stone outer walls are wrapped with rows of courtyards in the style of folk houses in the south of the Yangtze river.

The well-preserved shangtun yunshan village and shitouzhai village will make your visit worthwhile, as well as the tunbao museum, whose mottled walls tell the vicissitudes of history, allowing you to travel back to the Ming dynasty.

The beauty of guizhou amazes the world.

The mountains, water, forests and caves here are naturally born, primitive and unsophisticated.

If you love Guizhou, you must go to the southwest of strategically!