There is a kind of happiness called conquered

There is a feeling called the road

There is a season called summer

There is a beautiful lake called Summer

On the land of the world’s ridge, the lake is widely spread, and the Canru Star River has the highest altitude, the largest number, and the largest plateau lake group on this azure planet.

Here, almost every lake has been given a legend by people, which is extraordinarily mysterious. Follow us now to see the most beautiful summer lake on this blue pure land.

Yam Zhuo

The beauty of the lake view, the crown is hidden in the south.

It is the largest inland lake in the northern foothills of the Himalayas and one of the three holy lakes in Tibet.

Among the mountains and rivers in Tibet, only Yamdrok is so charming, and it is like a ribbon in the mountains.

No matter where you stand, you can’t see the whole picture. The lake color can show a variety of “blue” with the change of light and angle.

The holy lake Namtso is like an emerald blue gem set in the embrace of Tanggula Mountain.

The rolling hills and rolling hills depict the beautiful outline of Namtso, and the endless sky dyes her blue face. Everything in front of you, the water and the sky blend together, all in one.

Here, there are many ancient myths of Tibet.

It is said that the holy lake Namtso and Nyainqin Tanggula are a pair of passionate monks; it is said that Namtso is the daughter of the thirty-three days who is the master of the emperor. She is the main protector of the sheep; Said that she is the protector of Bon.

Mabian Gyatso, the southern part of the Gangrenboqi Peak, is the freshwater lake with the highest transparency in China’s lakes.

The whistling wind horse flag rang to the ear, and the clouds and light in front of the eyes were projected on the holy lake, showing different forms.

Laangcuo, which is separated from Malang, is called “Ghost Lake.”

The clouds continue to gather and continue to scatter, and the clouds cover the light. There is a kind of wind and rain between the heavens and the earth.

Standing on the shore of the ghost lake, the sky is long, the earth is empty, and the traveler is standing on the edge of the universe.

Under the rolling snow-capped mountains, alongside the blue lakes, a group of Tibetan gazelle still enjoy the most abundant season in the plateau.

Selincho is the largest lake in Tibet and the second largest saltwater lake in China.

At this time, the lake is particularly calm, overlooking the sky, in addition to seeing the blue lake, there is a wide blue sky with clouds floating, it is difficult to find the margin.

The wrong E structure is a faulted lake.

Surrounded by mountains, the shoreline is winding and the grass is flourishing. There are many islands of different sizes in the lake. When you look at the dotted islands from above, the strange visual feelings come.

About 210 km from Lhasa, there is a clear lake, which is Pumo, the Tibetan language means “female lake”.

Here, the place where the traveler was hailed as “China’s Baikal Lake”, when the road was not open, few people knew that there were fewer people going there. Until it was broadcast by the Japanese NHK documentary, it was known that it was hidden and had a blue ice lake. .

Bai Malincho is called Zhongcao Baimarin. It is said to be one of the three soul lakes of the master of Lotus.

Different seasons, the white horse forests give people different feelings, snowy, frozen winter in the lake; flowers in the summer, colorful autumn, the beautiful scenery makes people linger.

In the setting sun, the sun slanted against the big river in Tibet, and the heavens and the earth were smudged with warm yellow light. The silence and the new life are intertwined here.