A turn, through you, passing by her, the scenery, can only wait at night for a moment of awakening. At a glance, spring, summer, autumn and winter is just passing through, you can not stop spring love break cocoon and out, summer long night thoughts, autumn does not return to the golden world, winter break like death. You steal life from time, you grow old from your fingers, you wander in the vast sea of souls, just to find a place to live.

It is only two thousand kilometers, such a distance across the sun, moon and stars, set foot on the snow mountain holy water. Every propulsive propulsive head, every time turn to chant the sutra tube, not for the amitabha Buddha under the lotus flower, only for the smile in the world of mortals.

How are you? Please forgive me for not saying goodbye, but I can’t turn around. I’m afraid to look back at the sky pale, snow collapse, lake backflow, gaisang bleak. The secluded ancient road shuttling through the world of prosperity, whenever the rise of the bright moon is bright and clean, painted yellow inside the building, charming eyes, intoxicating smiling face, filled the common heart but from the day between the two. I’ll be reincarnated, but I’ll never touch your fingertips again.

How are you? Please forgive me for leaving my heart behind, but I can’t take it away. Love is love is a share, lit a butter lamp, bodhi long kneel for you pray. Is the wrong is a blessing is a curse, life for you ashes incense powder. The starry night, is the moon look thin to me, or I look thin to the moon, the wind blowing sutra whether there is a beautiful figure chanting there. Above the red wall, barkhor street head, only willing to pass you again, only willing to collision with your eyes again.

Don’t separate, don’t want to separate. Your skirt is still waving goodbye when the aftertaste, your footsteps sounded a series of wooden fish, thousands of years of temple worship several generations of Buddha spirit, and where have you gone?

Don’t separate, don’t want to separate. Sheep lake and you meditate on the snow lotus, namco side and you embrace the sun and moon. Your poems have climbed over jumurama and waded through Brahmaputra. The sutra you recite nourishes all things and spreads the word of time and space. In the daytime, you are the highest king in this snow region, the exalted Buddha admired by the whole world. At dusk, you are the most tender man in this firework, but where have you been?

I am here, in your heart. Looking up, light refraction into my thoughts to you, the wind blowing Buddha over my body temperature to you. Breath is the wind, embellish bead is the storm.

I am here, in your heart. The first sight of life is the blue sky, the last sight is qinghai lake. Thousands of dark assembly thorn but my heart, the body of million heavy shackles can not lock my miss for you. It’s just a ripple that breaks the surface of the lake, year after year.

Stop it. Please do not worship me on the road of thousands of miles, a flower a world, a leaf a tathagata.

Stop it. Please do not sentimentalmy tenderness, you see or not see me, I will be there.

You listen to.

For fear of sentimentality,

Into the mountain and afraid of the wrong fall.

The law of peace in the world,

Live up to one’s deeds, live up to one’s deeds.