For many people, Tibet

It’s a place to look forward to

Like a distant dream in my heart

So clear, dare not touch

Those snow areas are pure and romantic

Represents the most sincere desire in the heart

A feeling that others cannot understand

We always say we want one

Travel without delay

And always longing, all my life

Can go to Tibet once

Read what people

But there are a lot of trips that just go

To the end have lost time in a hurry

The forgotten scenery

There are floating scattered memories

After all, do not outline a complete play

If you love me, will be willing

Accompany me to Tibet once

In the most beautiful place on earth

Side by side, hand in hand

Walking in the same landscape

Choose one city to die in

Choose a city, meet a white head

Pull a curtain dream, xu I bend

I don’t need a paradise

Just a place that’s always pure

If one day there is no place for old age

I want to go to the distant third pole

Taste a bowl of sweet tea

Search the sea for your footprints

Soul waiting

I don’t want the noise and bustle of the world

I just want to sit at the foot of Buddha with you

Feel a soul waiting together

Or you can stay with me

Standing on top of the snow

The highest place under the blue sky

Take a look at the prosperity of this world

Choose one to love deeply

Choose one to love deeply, and wait for one to die

Crazy one person deep love, leave a prosperous

And take my arm

Together to see the millennium wind and frost tanggula mountain

To touch the potala palace ancient wall vicissitudes of life

We were on the river when the sun went down

Witness the love of black-necked crane

Release fragile life in the vast grassland

Feel the tenderness behind the wild Tibetan mastiff

Time trajectory

I believe in the most romantic things

Is a person to accompany me white head

In this city full of flowers

Look at each other’s eyes

Slowly climb up the wrinkles

We go out every day with the fragrance of flowers

Return along the track of the setting sun

Slowly through the quiet good day

About the future

I also want a puppy

Let it stretch in the sun

No noise, no dust

I love every day like this

Smelling the flowers and drinking the green tea

The words of the years, promised the future

From flying to stumbling

From green astringent beauty to gray hair

The figure of love

Find a sunny day

We held the paint together

Draw a sea of flowers on the wall

Leave the breath of spring at home

In this way

A city, flowers all the way

Two people, a lifetime

The look of love

If you ask me, what is happiness

I would say, this is what happiness looks like in my eyes

No matter how the years change

No matter how time changes

Here you are, here I am

And how we loved each other