After the train set off from xining, we could see the vast qinghai lake. At dusk, the lake was reflected by the setting sun. Along the way through hoh xili no man’s land. Here habitat Tibetan antelope and other rare wildlife in the plateau, along this section of the railway, the construction of animal passage, in addition to the Tibetan antelope, hoh xili also that breathtaking natural scenery.

The next day at noon, the train came to dayang city, qinghai-tibet railway terminus – Lhasa liuwu railway station. “Lhasa”, which means “holy land” or “Buddha land” in Tibetan, is famous for its long history, splendid culture, unique customs, numerous places of interest and religious significance. Come here to feel the sky is so blue, the environment is so quiet, people are so simple, this is worthy of the world “the last piece of pure land”.

We drove to LuLang scenic spot, LuLang Tibetan refers to “the dragon valley”, is also called “don’t want to home”, the legend on the hermit, elevation 3700 meters, here, on both sides of the mountains from low to high respectively by the bushes, the thick spruce and pine trees, streams, water, beautiful scenery, the cloud fields, pastures, cattle and sheep, the somebody else… The characteristic wooden fence, wooden house, wooden bridge and the village stars of farmers and herdsmen are scattered at random. The white snow in the distance, covered in the undulating bare mountain peak, we left a precious moment in the high altitude, the snow mountain as the background, the blue sky, green trees, red color constitute a wonderful picture.

Farewell plateau snow mountains, we came to the town of lu lang. The lulang river, which originates from the Himalayas, passes through the town. In the distance, there are white clouds, green mountains and grassland nearby. Leave LuLang vehicles along the sichuan-tibet road town, hot spring resort town – bom dragon township, clingy LuLang river, the water on the bottom, from south to north into la month qu (song Tibetan meaning river), began to flow becomes turbulent, both sides closely mountain forest and into the sky, music into the more violent here la month Mr Jiang long hidden cloth,

Close to Mr Jiang long hidden cloth to 318 national road, traffic on highway 318, ranked the world’s third of the lung to hide cloth Jiang Da canyon together canyon scenery step one scene, rapids than pick, river rushing down, therefore the magical, surprise, through the remarkable winding canyon, see not seen in plateau landform, colourful original vegetation.

Majestic himalaya, pentium Brahmaputra river, there is a beautiful place, back against the mountain, facing the one, it is known as the Switzerland of the qinghai-tibet plateau, Tibet jiangnan, but it is much better than the jiangnan, its magnificent Swiss unparalleled, it is not a Swiss, not jiangnan, its name is “Lin zhi”, under the sun, waving prayer in front of the building through the Tibetan lady, nyingchi, goodbye.

Continue to move forward, to the yarlung zangbo river second grand canyon — reach ancient canyon, here the river is swift, rushing roaring, for the people it is thrilling, in the canyon many sections of the cliff is like a knife split general, in the lower part of the mountains, the growth of thick and colorful bushes and trees.

After leaving yajiang river valley, follow the winding mountain road to yangzhuo lake, also known as “jade lake”, which means “lake” in Tibetan, and is referred to as “yanghu” in short. Local tibetans call it “the fairyland in heaven and yangzhuo on earth”.

Parking, walking along the road to the lake, look, sheep lake blue waves as a mirror, in the sunlight, appear extremely rich blue, like dream general, lakes, xuefeng, combined with the blue sky white clouds, as if place oneself in fairyland, listen to the tour guide said that here the altitude of the approximate Everest base camp altitude, we in the “maiden left at an altitude of 4677 meters” before the monument take photos, left precious moments

On May 21, after breakfast to the world’s highest palace, gorgeous and dazzing world heritage – the potala palace, the potala palace is located in the northwest of Lhasa city cloth on the mountain, palaces and castles, temple by the integration of the magnificent buildings, is the most important symbol of Tibet mountain lay, overlap, group of building is a sacred place of Tibetan Buddhism, also is the scenery on the reverse of the fifth set of RMB 50. When the car stopped near the potala palace square and stepped out of the car door, we saw the potala palace, which we have missed for many years, was so magnificent and shocking, we were deeply moved by staring at it in situ. Come to the observation platform of the white tower of yaowang mountain, choose the best Angle, take a photo with 50 yuan in hand with the potala palace as the background. His wife wears a red silk scarf, which is very dazzling against the blue sky and white clouds. Walking to the mountainside, enter the potala palace to visit, people take steps to see the solid thick granite wall, gold and resplentent gold roof and fluttering prayer flags, each other shining, red, white, yellow three colors form a sharp contrast.

The potala palace stands proudly on the lofty plateau, bathed in the sun, experienced the baptism of years in the long river of time, inclusive of the happiness and suffering of tibetans, is the eternal temple in their hearts, is also a symbol of the place of my dream, today I finally came to realize my dream.

To namtso, watch the sea 7117 meters above sea level along nyenchen tanglha xiaojin, damxung county, driving after 4500 meters above sea level of naqu area further north, see snow tangula mountain is missing, all the way from here over 5190 meters above sea level of the root pass, here belong to the so-called life restricted mountain 5000 meters above sea level, it is also a Tibetan sacred heart.

Parking, standing on the mountain pass, such as wind, ahead in the fields, for is the kind of feeling, inclusive, and this feeling is the feeling of Tibet, climbed 5000 meters above sea level of pass for the first time, in addition to the heartbeat is accelerated, the heart is very excited, in the mountain pass set a “that pull at an altitude of 5190 meters” tablet before pictures, challenge the limit moment of life.

Downward along the winding mountain road, the vehicles through vast stretches of northern prairie, the vast boundless gave me unlimited reverie, flies colorful prayer, green earth, LanYingYing sky, in the vast grasslands, yak and sheep herders live in everywhere, herders here created colorful nomadic culture and blurred dream, for the boundless prairie added a mysterious color. Tent is also a big landscape here, in addition to the old yak tent, there are red, blue, yellow, green, white and other colors of nylon tent, colorful, this is a different grassland belonging to the northern Tibetan plateau.

Namtso, which enjoys the reputation of “heavenly lake”, looks away from the lakeside, the water and the sky are one color, beside the dunfoot lake, in front of the holy lake created by nature, the body and mind are completely shocked by the strange lake light and mountain scenery and purify the soul. At an altitude of 4719 meters of namtso lake, walking will feel very hard, goes fast will feel out of breath, we walk by the lake, quietly standing by the lake, you don’t see land, may the sacred lake, near the shore of the mountain is still covered by white snow and ice, and the blue of the lake itself, in contrast, the lake by the believers of mani pile like a place pyramid, flying along with prayer and snow area plateau’s desolate natural be in harmony are an organic whole.

Blue sky, white snow mountains and magnificent water, charming and moving namco constitute this shocking beauty, perhaps this is the reason for countless people to dream of this, can see such beauty, it is a life without shaking, more see more comfortable, more see more reluctant to leave.

All said, this life must go to Tibet, the vast expanse of the Tibetan plateau and barren, when you walked into, just know the magic and charm of this land.