Tibet, Tibet,

It is no longer a place,

It has become the soul of countless people.

This is a place where you can talk about past and present life.

This is a place of pilgrimage for the soul and body.

If you have heard of such a diverse Tibet,

Then, at this moment, please forget these tagged Tibets.

No one can give you a better answer,

In addition to yourself going to Tibet once in person.

The most beautiful scenery,

Always going through thousands of miles,

The difficulty of going to Tibet

Far more than going to other places,

The harder the road, the harder it is.

On the contrary, the more I feel that I am not guilty of this trip,

The beauty that I saw after honing,

This is the greatest relief and moving to people.

Because the road is hard,

So when I arrive, I will be in tears.

Because every step is on the road,

The days there, the water there, the people there,

They have become the most precious memories of Tibet’s journey.

Always believe that this life can go to a place,

It must be an arrangement of God in the midst of it.

You said this is the first time you have come to Tibet.

Buddha said that five hundred years ago,

You used to be the eagle flying high on the plateau here.

Every pedestrian going to Tibet,

When you see the three-step, one-vote, devout,

When you see the animal that is free to cross the road,

When you see the open, boundless blue sky and white clouds,

Will involuntarily ask these questions:

Who are we, where are we going?

How long is one day and how long is life?

But in one thought,

This is the most comfortable second in our lives.

Day by day, step by step,

Then you slowly see a real Tibet,

In the silent rotation of the prayer wheel,

Slowly open in the bright voice that wanders in the millennium holy land.

The world outside is wonderful.

However, when you see the most beautiful scenery here,

Always think, why not be with the most loved ones?

Many people, even if they are searching all over the world,

I have never been to my heart.

And when you walk in the slow time in Tibet,

It allows you to learn to be alone with you and to talk to yourself.

Listen to your inner voice and follow your inner path.

So this becomes the ultimate meaning of your travel.