What attracts so many people

Go to Tibet

There must be a lot of things

Perhaps want to see can bring happiness gesang flowers

Perhaps is linzhi that luxuriant pink peach blossom

The mountains were ablaze with azaleas

It is like a golden sea of rape flowers

That is coy and beautiful Wolf flowers, it is the last grassland degradation landscape

That has the indomitable vitality of malan, she can be seen everywhere in Tibetan areas

Maybe it’s the flowers that dot the grass

Tibet, has its desolate xiongqi scenery, also like flowers like delicate and gentle. When you see the blooming sea of flowers in Tibet, you can know how warm and wonderful life is.

The lovely marmot, who goes with you whenever you have something to eat

The clever and naughty Tibetan macaque

The plateau Tibetan yaks, known as the “snow boat”

The Tibetan wild donkey running across the vast grassland. You should often see their vigorous bodies running on the grassland. Especially friends going to ali

Or look at the zangyuan antelope and the Tibetan antelope! But the zangyuan antelope has a super cute, peachy butt, known as a “white butt.”

To feel the contempt from the Tibetan fox, although it is the animal kingdom history of the lowest appearance level of the fox species, but it is beyond the life and death of the eyes and the face that never find expression change, but become the network recognized expression emperor.

“What’s wrong with you? Look at you!”

Walking on the plateau, these animals have become the most special scenery in Tibet. However, some animals are also extremely powerful, so be careful.

Known as the “center of the world”, kailash is a sacred mountain worshipped by many sects

Or to see the world’s highest peak, which should be the ideal of many people, when you stand at Everest base camp, you will find that the original human beings are so small.

Look at namnani, which sits on the edge of the lake opposite mount kailash to the north.

The landscape is very strange, like the “ice crystal garden”, but it is full of criss-crossing cracks in the snow and ice and the occasional giant ice avalanche. Shixia bonma peak.

Perhaps to see the amazing pyramid peaks of mount SAP, which are composed of sacred mountains, icebergs and sacred lakes.

It may be the sacred yala shampang mountain hidden in the south of Tibet, an important sacred mountain in Tibetan areas.

Namya bawa, the top of China’s top 10 most beautiful mountains, is surrounded by clouds and clouds all the year round.

Look at the top of the mountains in northern Tibet read tanggula mountain, it crisscrossed central Tibet, stretching more than 1600 kilometers, through the inaccessible north of Tibet.

Go to namtso and find the peace and quiet that may be the paradise of your dreams. She was accompanied by mount tangula, which, against the background of namco, was vast but not majestic, and the lake, quiet but not gentle

Look at that intoxicating blue, this blue let me fascinated, such a blue belongs to yamdrok yong, enchanting, gentle, charming.

Of all the mountains and rivers in Tibet, only the yangzhuo river is so charming, winding and winding like silks among them. No wonder people say, “the fairyland in heaven, the yangzhuo on earth; Stars in the sky, sheep by the lake.”

Look at the pumoyong fault deep in southern Tibet, known as “China’s Lake Baikal”

Look at the legendary ramratu in Tibet and search for your own past life

Look at pegutso, the blue saltwater lake, quiet and dark

It is no wonder that xuanzang of the tang dynasty called it “the jade pool of the west heaven” in the records of the western regions of the tang dynasty.

Go to meet the “ghost lake” separated from the malsamak only along the way, look at the wonder of waves without wind!

Go and see the most ancient sacred lake in Tibet worshipped by the yongzhong-ben people. As the sacred lake of the sacred mountain of this religion, the daguoxue mountain and the yongzhong-ben people raised the lakeside people and were the cradle of the ancient xiangxiong civilization.

In Tibet, where there are people, there are temples. It’s a deeply rooted belief

Perhaps we should see jokhang temple, still the noble center of the whole of Tibet, the terminus of many pilgrimages.

To watch the sera temple debate, although not necessarily understand, but the mood should be able to feel

To experience the tranquility, leisure and serenity of drepung monastery. It felt less like a temple and more like a quiet little village

Go to qamdo and see the ancient bon temple, zizhu temple, which stands quietly on a high mountain peak

Go to shannan to see the first temple in Tibet — sanye temple

Go to the world’s highest temple – rongbu temple, where to find a different Everest

Maybe not so much

I just want to take a photo with potala palace

With the state road 318 to a perfect encounter

Want to run the day road in legend, leave a heavy color for his life

Look at the plateau sky is not really so many stars

Taste the legendary butter tea

Walk through the scenery of princess wencheng

Life doesn’t need that much why

The time has come! It’s time to go!