On the vast land of China, there are many beautiful places, but there is a place that has been described as “the hometown of clouds, the world of flowers and the ocean of forests”. It is on the top of the world and has the reputation of “plateau jiangnan” due to the flourishing vegetation.

If Tibet is the ultimate destination for travelers, Nyingchi is an indispensable stop on the way. “Nyingchi, located in southeast xizang, is a place of wet climate and dense vegetation, full of amazing stories and legends. Nyingchi four seasons scenery all is different, spring bomi peach blossom is in full bloom, summer LuLang linhai, south yi ditch best summer resort, autumn gorgeous niyang river scenery, winter white snow-capped mountains, as the arrival of autumn, Nyingchi is also quietly changing. Nyingchi’s average elevation is only about 3,100 meters above sea level, and it is located in the middle and lower reaches of the yarlung zangbo river, so Nyingchi is also a place of abundant water, sunshine and lush vegetation. However, most people’s trip to Nyingchi is more hurried and less in-depth. Nyingchi, in addition to basongcuo, xiuba castle, there are more stunning scenery and ancient customs waiting for you to drive into, enjoy its beauty. Here you can see China’s most beautiful mountain — Nnamjagbarwa mountain, China’s most beautiful grand canyon — yarlung zangbu grand canyon, China’s most beautiful waterfall — Tsangpo Fall… In 2018, LuLang was named “China’s most beautiful outdoor town” by China national geographic.

Known as “natural oxygen bar” and “biological gene bank”, LuLang is located in bayi town of Nyingchi, xizang province. In 2018, China national geographic magazine awarded LuLang town the title of “China’s most beautiful outdoor town”. LuLang, which is mainly composed of glacial landforms, mountain valleys and animal and plant resources, has really come into the public view. LuLang’s most beautiful season is spring and summer, when the green hills on both sides are composed of bushes and dense spruce and pine respectively. In the middle is the neat and uniform meadow, Queensland is artificial renovation; In the meadow, streams meander and springs murmuring, thousands of wild flowers such as Queensland flower, asters flower, plum flower and artemisia annua flower are in full bloom on the lawn.

Mount Everest and yarlung zangbu grand canyon are the two extremes of the qinghai-tibet plateau, one is the highest mountain in the world, the other is the deepest grand canyon in the world. Legend has it that the world’s first grand canyon, yarlung zangbu grand canyon, has the largest waterfall in China, but has not been known. In November 1998, China’s yarlung zangbo river grand canyon scientific expedition team first discovered the dream waterfall, zangbu padang waterfall group, in the grand canyon. Zangbu padang waterfall group is actually two waterfall groups, forming a multi-stage waterfall on the main river, which is also rare in the world. The yarlung zangbu grand canyon group constitutes a rare natural wonder in the river canyons of the world. As precious natural resources, they have important potential value in water power, tourism development and sustainable development, and are also of great significance in scientific research.

In Nyingchi, xizang, there is a magical mountain called Nnamjagbarwa mountain which is called the most beautiful snow mountain. It is said that when the weather is fine, you will see its huge triangular mountain, like a sharp spear, piercing the blue sky. However, affected by the abundant water vapor of the yarlung zangbo river, Nnamjagbarwa mountain is always shrouded in clouds and never reveals its true face easily. Therefore, it is also known as “shaming female peak” and has a legend that “nine out of ten people do not meet”. In the words of local tibetans, “seeing the true face of Nnamjagbarwa mountain requires fate, luck and the blessing of gods!” A British explorer is said to have waited a month in a village down the mountain without seeing her face. Another photographer waited two months to get a shot of Nnamjagbarwa mountain.