After working in Tibet for more than a year, I returned to jiangnan. Somehow, I never forgot that land. Looking at the photo of the snow mountain, yellow grass. Thinking back to the days and nights when I worked and lived in Lhasa, my heart was as confused as the grass in the wild wind and sand flying.

Tibet, you are a land of magic, a land of temptation. I hate you a little, love you a little, hate you a little, love you a little. I resent the injustice of god, who has given you not green mountains and beautiful waters, but such a harsh and harsh environment. Alpine hypoxia, barren land, the sky of sand, you have too much cold lonely. I love you, you are so plain, open-minded, generous, so strong, you like a poor expression of the heart and experienced the vicissitudes of life, calmly overlooking everything. However, from the bottom of my heart is more and more strong admiration for you, admire the things here, admire the people here. Whenever I step on the withered grass, face the fluttering snow, or stand in the scorching sun, and gaze for a long time at this old, generous, vast and indomitable land, I always connect you with luo zhongli’s painting “father”, which was painted by sichuan painter. Tears come to my eyes. The people you nurture, generations after generations, have gone through the vicissitudes of life, in this harsh environment, red heat, frank, fearless, calm, baptism of life suffering. In this unbearable roof of the world, so leisurely and unconcerned, laughing and talking while the wind whipped the body, let the sun burn the face into paste copper color. Let the snow beat against the chest, let the rain and hail no block to wash… Wave a shepherdess whip, inadvertently will be hard and suffering behind. The torture of wind and sand can only be stronger, the hardships of survival can only be more persistent, the years can only be more mature, so no regrets. My heart in vibration, I stood on the grass shouted: the great land, the great nation, you rise is the unyielding spirit of the Chinese nation!

Tibet, you are a magical land, a land full of temptations. You are such an exercise in the will. I am confident that as long as I have lived and breathed on your land, I can swallow any kind of hardship and endure any kind of hardship back in the mainland. Your snow and frost have reshaped our spines, our beef and mutton have strengthened our muscles, and more importantly, our whole body is flowing with the thick blood of buttered tea and barley wine. We will be as tall and strong as the mountains. Xizang, you can purify people’s mind. When I stand in front of the generous fatherly dashan, when I travel in the vast grasslands, when I looked at the vast firmament, I for my past for survival, for fame and wealth, haggle over every ounce upon vanity are ineffective bedroom night difficult Ann ashamed, looking at the vast firmament, looking at the dark silent hill, looking at the moon as barren QingQi prairie, I think like a philosopher, thinking the hardship of life and death is easy, the greatness of the human, the life of the small. My heart with the prairie and extended open, with the ups and downs of the mountains and rich. , the vast, solemn and Tibet to I sobered, purify my soul, my ShiKuaiQi cleansed. Xizang, you are tempering people’s will, purifying people’s soul at the same time, and inspiring people’s inspiration. The inspiration was not a shallow praise of the grandeur of the mountains or the beauty of the meadows. Your grass a stone, a mountain a water, a cow a sheep, and the stars in the sky, are so rich in spirit, spirit. From the grass brave hardships and suffer wind and frost life, we can understand what is life, what is ideal and the meaning of life, the beauty of life; In front of the mountain, which was as generous, kind and calm as an old father, we could understand what was tough, what was rough, what was deep, what was fleeting, what was everlasting. From the boundless grassland, you can understand what is a broad mind, what is eternal pay, what is maternal love, what is dedication. I think that if I throw myself into your arms, I will surely get immortal enlightenment, for you yourself are a philosophical poem that can never be read, my Tibet!

Xizang, after spending hundreds of days and nights with you, I feel from the bottom of my heart that I am lucky and I am grateful to have such an opportunity to have such an unforgettable page in my life course. Your wordless teachings to me and the enlightenment to my life are so profound.

I’ll be back to see you, my adopted home, my Tibet, my Lhasa.