When is the best time to go to Tibet

I think about June

Early summer

The warm sunshine of the plateau does not spare the land

The rainy season has not arrived, flowers have filled, not many visitors, just scenery

Tibet is not just a place

She is alive and aware

Tired of the tourists in July and August

The most beautiful season to deliberately stagger

To thank the people who really love her most


Tibet in June is what we most want to see

In Tibet in June, the wind is warm

No rain, just the sunshine

Tibet in June is sparsely visited

The Milky Way, the moon hanging high

And the wind and the dogs

Tibet in June is like a dream

Wei snow mountain, clear lake

Glaciers crystal clear, flowers in full bloom

Namtso in June

The sky is clear and the water and grass lush

The lake was blue and there were flocks of cattle and sheep

Sheep lake in June

Clouds roamed in the dark blue sky

Shadows that blocked the sun crept across the meadows and the lake

No polish but magic

Sichuan Tibetan line in June

It’s always cloudy

White clouds always have endless clothes

The roads are in excellent condition

Flowers bloom on the meadow, all kinds of life on the stage

Maoya grassland in June

The maoya grassland in June is the most beautiful time of the year

All the energy that has been stored up all winter is for the June bloom

Feel their gratitude for life every single day

Never waste a day of sunshine

Lake ranwu in June

The snow and ice on the mountain tops have not melted

Add a pure canopy for the green mountain

The lake at the foot of the mountain is another story

The water is transparent and reflected in pairs

I do not know whether the lake dyed the blue sky or the sky provoked the green lake

Nankabawa in June

Early June summer, rain has not come

At this point there are always a few days shy female peak can open her veil

Show pure and beautiful appearance

Lhasa in June

Before the crowds arrive

Before the burst of daylight ravages the earth

Accompany a person at dusk

In the early morning walk around the barkhor street, turn around the potala palace

When tired, sit for a while; when tired, lean on for a while

Look up at the figure of the potala palace

Peeking at the back of pious worshippers one low and one high

Nyingchi in June

The nyingchi in June always has a wind over the niyang river

Bring the smell of snow and ice on the distant mountains

Everything is just right

Live for a week, live for a month can’t bear to leave

Ali in June

Ali’s snow and ice melt in June

The trickle seen the day before is today a river

The road became difficult, but the scenery was at its best

With the gradual green grassland, cattle and sheep from the field

There is an active ornament between the world of hollowness

Oil painting becomes animation

If you are free, please remember to come to Tibet in June

Will not live up to you

Because this is the most beautiful Tibet

Only those who have been there know