It is said that Tibet is a disease that cannot be cured without going to Tibet, and Lake Nam should be the key medicine for this disease. Being in the closest place to heaven, this holy highland Lake is like a bright gem set on the top of the mountain.

I remember when we arrived at Lake Nam, the setting sun was shining on every corner of the Lake Nam, and the prayer flags on the grassland were dancing to the wind. Under the glow of the setting sun, colorful halo was emitted from time to time.

My teammates and I walked on this vast land, 5300 meters above sea level. Even in the summer of July, it was only more than 10 degrees. We put on all our thick clothes with trembling, and did not forget to take several bottles of oxygen with us.

Speaking of oxygen, if you are the first baby in Tibet, be sure to be prepared to prevent high levels of reactivity! For example, the popular online rhodiola, gaoyuan and other drugs must be prepared, and to the local, the most important thing is to carry glucose powder or glucose water.

The altitude of 3,300 meters like Lhasa is not bad, as long as there is no strenuous exercise, it can generally be carried. If you want to go to a relatively high altitude place like Lake Nam, you must remember to prepare oxygen bottles in advance! Walk slowly, the real reaction is more serious friends do not force to walk!

At Lake Nam, there are always villagers and tourists riding back and forth on horseback. The sky is high and the clouds are low. Against the background of Lake Nam, the snow mountains in the distance and cattle and sheep in the vicinity are reflected like a mirror.

The setting sun soon dropped to the level, and with it the quiet night.

My friends and I sat cross-legged beside Lake Nam, looking forward to the arrival of stars, only to be caught off guard by the sudden heavy rain! Hurriedly ran back to the tent we sigh out of this expectation of the stars, while squatting in the tent to listen to the sound of rain.

But who knows, after a rain, midnight, a miracle appeared! The sky is becoming clear, even the wind is with the taste of sweet after rain, and the stars in the night sky more and more bright and clear, we quickly set up equipment, took this gorgeous scene! Looking at such a pure and bright sky, this trip is really worth it!

Ok, after finishing the beautiful scenery of Lake Nam, I would like to share with you the consumption level beside Lake Nam. Because of the high altitude, the restaurants are concentrated in the shanty next to Lake Nam. However, the price is the same. We ordered a Fried rice dish, which cost about 45 yuan per dish. The amount! Very!!!! The foot! Very full!

In the case of accommodation, the bed is generally 80 a bed a night! Of course, this consumption should also be part of the peak season. Then we will go back to the topic of oxygen. In Lhasa, the price of oxygen is about 15-25 yuan per bottle, and it costs 45-65 yuan here. Besides, the temperature is also relatively lower than in the city.