Marriage is the most sacred moment of your life. Tibet, one of the ten most beautiful honeymooners in China, is the first choice for many young people to arrange honeymoon trips. Why do you say that? Look at the picture and you will know!


“City of the Sun” Lhasa is the home of many people’s hearts. At an altitude of more than 3,700 meters, the strong religious atmosphere and long history of the historic sites are exciting and dizzying. It is suitable for sightseeing from March to October. At this time, the rainy season and the cold winter can be avoided.

Nam Co

The lake with the highest altitude in the world, away from the pollution of modern civilization, maintains the natural and primitive ecology and is a holy place in the eyes of pilgrims. According to the legend of believers, every time the Year of the Goat, the buddhas, bodhisattvas, and goddess of protection will set up an altar at Namu Lake. If people go to worship at this time, they will go to the lake to recite the scriptures, which is better than the usual rituals of the lake. The blessing is boundless. Therefore, every time you go to the Tibetan New Year, the believers will not hesitate to travel long distances and go to the lake. The event reached its climax on April 15. Mani piles on the shores of Nam Co Lake. If a believer passes by here, he will always cast a stone.


It is said that watching Ramla can see people’s past and present. For this reason, it is said that Ramla is the most magical lake in Tibet.


The snow-capped peaks of Mount Everest, the beautiful virgin forest belts, the mountains, the holy lakes and the grasslands, full of mysterious and legendary temples, the unique post-Tibetan culture, intertwined into this “best” Manor.” The Shigatse area has plenty of daylight and a mild climate. The weather and tourist facilities here are better, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery at any time.

Lin Zhi

The lowest elevation in Tibet, the beautiful pastoral scenery, let you have the feeling of being in the south of the Yangtze River. The air is fresh, especially in March, which is the most beautiful paradise, and the vegetation is quite dense. The best in spring and autumn. The unique scenery that can be seen in different seasons is also different.

Mount Everest

Looking forward to Mount Everest, no matter the mountains and peaks in the clouds, or the dazzling ice and snow world, all of them are of great interest. However, what people are most interested in is the clouds floating on the peak, as if they are a flag flying on the peak, so this cloud is called the banner cloud. The best time to watch Everest, climb Lhotse, Zhang Zifeng and other snow peaks is from April to June every year. Many snow mountain climbers will choose this time.


This is the last place in China that does not have access to roads. The locals live a primitive life that is almost isolated from the outside world. Let us take up our bags and visit this most hidden lotus sacred place! The best in summer and autumn. It is suitable for hiking in summer and autumn. In the late autumn season when the rainy season is over and the winter has not yet arrived, the fruits of the forest are abundant. The animals are basically “clothing and worry-free”, and the snakes are speculated as “the first worm of the Grand Canyon”. The grasshoppers are much less than the rainy season.

Nanga Bawa

Nanga Bawa Peak is the highest mountain in the Nyingchi area, with an altitude of 7782 meters. It also has another name, “Muzhuo Bal Mountain”. Its huge triangular peaks are covered with snow all the year round, and the clouds are haunted. It is never easy to reveal the true colors, so it is also called “Shameful Peak”. Nanga Bawa has a variety of explanations in the Tibetan Mastiff. One is “Thunderbolt burning like fire”, the other is “The spear that pierces the sky”, and the other is “The stone that fell from the Tianshan Mountains.”


Yam Zhuo’s fault, referred to as Yanghu, is less than 100 axioms from Lhasa. It is the largest inland lake in the northern foothills of the Himalayas. It is the largest inland lake in the northern foothills of the Himalayas. It is the beauty of the lakes and mountains. Yamdrok is regarded as the most beautiful water in the world, and Yanghu is regarded as the “Turquoise earrings scattered by the goddess” among the Tibetan compatriots. Her body is more than 130 kilometers in the mountains. Only on the map or in the sky, you can surprise to find that she is like an earring, set on the mountain’s ear wheel.

Mabian wrong

Since the ancient times, Buddhist believers and Bon believers have regarded it as the “world center” of the Holy Land. It is the freshwater lake with the greatest transparency in China’s lakes. It is one of the three “Shen Lakes” in Tibet. It is also the birthplace of the four major rivers in Asia. In the Tang Dynasty, Xuanzang also said in the collection of the scriptures of the Tianzhu, this lake is where the Xitian Wangmu Yaochi is located. The pilgrims have always been to the lake to turn the bath for the greatest blessing in life.


Lulang, Tibetan means “Dragon King Valley”, and it is also a place where “I don’t want to be home.” The green hills on both sides of Lulang are composed of shrubs and pines and pines, which are composed of shrubs and pines. The middle is a uniform meadow. Kun is like a man-made rectification; in the meadow, the stream is flowing. Spring water, turf, spring flowers, aster flowers, grass plums, horseshoe flowers and other thousands of wild flowers bloom in full bloom, the wood fences, wooden houses, wooden bridges and villages of farmers and herdsmen Chess cloth and Kun have a rank, and they have drawn a quiet and beautiful “mountain map”.

Is such a beautiful Tibet, what is the value of your honeymoon?