Many people say that they must go to Tibet once in their life, but ask them why they must go to Tibet, but they can’t tell the reason.

Some set out for beauty, others cling to faith, and still others inquire and listen to other lives. Everyone sets out for different reasons, but everyone wants to be here.

It is said that god once made a bet with tibetans that if he lost, the two sides would exchange houses, and god really lost. Tibetans only found out in heaven that god was deliberately defeated. You don’t need to bet anything, just have the heart to set out, can reach a better place than heaven.

Why did god create Tibet? Why go to Tibet? God loves this place!

In Tibet, there is the Potala Palace, which is the highest ancient Palace in the world at present, known as “the pearl on the roof of the world”, and also a symbol of Lhasa and even the qinghai-tibet plateau.

In Tibet, there is a Jokhang Temple, where hands are folded in the direction of the gods, a more religious worship.

In Tibet, there is a Majiami, which used to be the place where sangs-ryyas Rgyamtsho dated his lover. Here, sangs-ryyas Rgyamtsho spent time drinking and reading and felt the romance that sangs-ryyas Rgyamtsho only knew.

In Tibet, there are three sacred lakes. For thousands of years, Namtso, Mapam Yumco Basin, and YangZhuoYong have charmed many pilgrims and tourists with their unique natural charm and numerous magical legends.

People avoid the hustle and bustle of the world, wash eyes here, let the confusion as light as clouds.

In Tibet, Namjagbarwa Mountain, the father of icebergs, is the most beautiful snow-capped Mountain in China.

In Tibet, there are also people who do Kangrinboqe, the world recognized sacred mountain. There is a kind of excitement, mystery and gratitude among people who go to Kangrinboqe for the first time.

In Tibet, there is the deepest grand canyon in the world — Yarlung Zangbo Daxiagu. The river water surging forward takes away our persistence and scars.

In Tibet, there is an Oriental Switzerland on the plateau — Linzhi, in April strutted into the peach blossom depths, the snow mountain in the distance is white, near the sacred mountain stands, in front of a piece of delicate peach blossom under the white snow mountain is particularly gentle and charming, only to experience the kind of detached and refined beauty.

In Tibet, it is known as the pure land in the pilgrim’s heart. The blue sky that makes people feel ashamed is probably one of the heroes.

In Tibet, where there is no sunlight pollution, the pure and beautiful sky has always been a favorite of many photography enthusiasts.

In Tibet, there is a belief called lifetime worship. Belief in the miracle of brada worship incense, in the buddhist chanting, in the way of the long kowtow…

Is Tibet, let people believe that there is a pure land; It is Tibet that makes people believe that peace is in their hearts.