Tibet is like an addiction,

Has always had a fatal attraction to people,

Perhaps for the intoxicating beauty,

Maybe it’s a fixation on finding faith,

Perhaps to inquire and listen to another life.

Maybe just looking for pure peace.

Everyone’s reasons are different,

But this place, it is so that people can not let go.

It is said that god once made a bet with tibetans,

If he loses, the two parties change houses,

As a result, god really lost, and tibetans lived in heaven.

Only to find out in heaven, god is deliberately lost.

You don’t need to bet anything, just have a heart that wants to go,

To a better place than heaven.

Why did god create Tibet?

Maybe it’s a drop of tears,

Maybe it’s a feeling of compassion.

Into mountains and rivers,

In this first and last place.

In Tibet, there is a palace called potala palace.

This is now the highest ancient palace in the world,

Known as “the pearl on the roof of the world”,

Is the symbol of Lhasa and even the qinghai-tibet plateau.

It is the belief of all tibetans.

Before it, all mankind is small, all hope is pious.

In Tibet, there is a temple called jokhang temple.

Put your hands together in the direction of the gods,

For the health of our families, for the peace of the dead,

For the blessing of god, for the longing of man,

More faith for worship.

In Tibet, there is a place called maggie,

It was the place where gyatso cangang dated his lover,

Drinking time and reading time here,

Feel cangyang gyatso understand the romantic prehistory.

In Tibet, there are three sacred lakes.

Namco, mapon, yamdrok,

For thousands of years, with their own unique charm and legend,

Intoxicated with the number of pilgrims and tourists.

Namtso measures

Beside the harmony measures

Yangzhuoyong lake

In Tibet, there is a “father of icebergs” called nangabawa snow mountain,

In the most beautiful snow mountains in China,

See the sunrise in the beauty of the dream, it is shocked.

In Tibet, there is a world recognized sacred mountain called kailash,

Everyone who goes to mount kailash,

There was excitement and mystery and gratitude,

Devout worshipers also turn the mountain by bowing their heads,

Even if it lasted thirty or forty days, it could not stop their loyalty.

In Tibet, there is a gorge called the yarlung zangbo grand canyon.

This is the deepest grand canyon in the world,

The river water surging forward, took away your my persistence and the scar.

It also brings life and hope.

In Tibet, there is a village called nyingchi.

It is the Switzerland of the east on the plateau,

April strayed into the peach blossom depths, marvel at the world without here.

The snow mountain is white in the distance, the sacred mountain stands near,

In front of the large peach blossom in the snow capped mountains appear particularly charming,

That kind of unearthly beauty, not like the world.

In Tibet, there is a belief called lifetime worship.

Faith worships incense in the miracle of brada,

In buddhist chanting, long kowtows on the way to turn mountains and lakes…

Is Tibet, let people believe that there is a pure land;

It is Tibet that makes people believe that peace is in their hearts.

Tibet is an addiction, Tibet is a disease,

I hope it never goes away.

There is the roof backbone of the world, piercing the sky, breaking through the sky.

Here there is the road between heaven and earth.

Here have towering snow mountains, fill the heart, this life not live.

There is a blue sky so blue that people feel ashamed of it.

Here is the most pure and beautiful sky, high heart wide, a million years.

There are virgin forests, no traces of development, all the charm of nature.

Here has the lakeside countryside, that piece of tender seedling, is pregnant with the vitality.

Here, people avoid the hustle and bustle of the world, wash eyes here, let the confusion as light as clouds.

To see the world,

Why not go to Tibet?

Tibet addiction, I can’t get rid of,

In my lifetime, I must go once.