Heaven in Tibet

Snowy plateau

Pure land

Waiting for Jun

I have been back from Tibet for some days, but my dreams are always the fragrance of buttered tea, as well as the lingering snow-capped mountains, blue sky and white clouds, woven sheep, grasslands, sacred Potala Palace and various forms. All kinds of large and small temples, the prayer flags that turn to the wind, and the simple face of Zhang Huacheng in the shadow of Buddha light.

The magnificent snow-capped mountain sacred place, the colorful holy lake, like the star-studded pearl of the sky, like a star on the beautiful snowy plateau, so that thousands of tourists are fascinated, all eager to step into this piece Mysterious land.

Tibet is a place that cannot be described in words! Only experienced, shocked, moved, cried, laughed, and shocked, you can truly understand Tibet and fall in love with Tibet.

Here is the place closest to the sky. It seems that it is easy to pick up the stars in the sky. It seems that you can hear the whispering secrets of the gods in the sky. The clouds are around, the feet are floating under the mist, and the illusion is so ruin that you almost forget it. Where is the person, it seems to be in the dream of Xianshan.

If you haven’t experienced the shackles of the Tibet-Tibet line and the Sichuan-Tibet line, you have not experienced the discomfort of entering the altitude sickness, you can’t understand the hardships of the Tibet road, and you can’t feel the thrill of the twists and turns. There are even beautiful scenery along the way.

In the March of Linzhi, the summer of Lulang, let you really feel the scenery of the “Jiangnan” of the plateau.

Into Linzhi, Junxiu’s Niyang River, the Yarlung Zangbo River, the vast forests, the picturesque grasslands, the secret Medog, you know that Tibet Jiangnan is so beautiful and charming.

It is said that Tibet is going to the west, it is the real Tibet, and to the west is the “Tibetan West Secret, Heavenly Ali.” Ali is the “ancestor of Wanshan” and “the source of hundreds of rivers.” There is a world-class mountain, Gang Rinpoche, where there is the first place in the Tibetan holy lake. There is also a 100-kilometer-long Zada ​​forest and a 700-year-old Guge ruins. When I got here, I returned the far away to Ali. Ali’s cruel plateau environment has left many people discouraged. Because of this, in Ali, there is only one thing, that is, to empty yourself.

The countless holy lakes of the Western Plateau are like the bright pearls of the Weihai Mountains. The vast grasslands of the sea, the flocks of cattle and sheep, such as the stars dotted the night sky, is like a beautiful Thangka. When you turn to the holy mountain of the holy mountain, you will understand that the meaning of life lies in a belief, a detached pursuit of the world, and all the worldly dust will disappear in the moment.

Only when you walk into the Potala Palace, walk through the alleys of Balang Street, worship the magnificent Jokhang Temple, experience the sacred temple of Sera Monastery and the Tan Buddha of Drepung Monastery, you can truly feel the holy city of Lhasa, that is It is also easy to get quiet in the noise, a city that can make people quietly in a daze.

When you come to the foot of Mount Everest, breathe the thin and fresh air of the world’s first peak, bathe in the afterglow of Jinshan, every cell is expanding, and the heartbeat will stop, as if it is like a dream.

After a few rivers, I walked into Ali and turned to Mount Kinabalu, and the mind seemed to be purified. Stroking the broken wall of Guge, thinking about the prosperity and decline of ancient times. Seeing the thousands of miles of Zada ​​forest, the public shifts of the wild birds, and the group of wild pheasants and Tibetan antelopes that pass by the car, you will marvel at the magic and beauty of nature, human and nature. Harmony is so perfect that it is so perfect.

Drinking thick butter tea under the fire-like light, chewing on somehow, you will enjoy and understand, in the simple tent, why the happy smile is so vivid. When I saw strange strangers constantly waving greetings, I couldn’t help but run.

Tibet is a dream of many people. It is a poem and a painting. Dreams may have different elements, poetry may have different content, and paintings may have different colors. But no matter what, it is worthwhile to weave, go and paint.