someone said

Maybe everyone has a Tibetan dream in their hearts.

But not everyone with a Tibetan dream

Can come here

Each stepping on this road traveler


For different reasons

But I believe their purpose is the same

Tibet has not only magnificent mountains and rivers

a huge roaring canyon, an endless plain

More a spiritual land

Is a plateau of wisdom

Is the companion of the journey of the mind, the creator of great wisdom

Tibetans do not ask for material life

They are simple and open-minded

Is the real wine and sausage

Buddha’s heart

As long as there is a cup of tea and a pot of green wine

Can be happy for a lifetime

and so

The most lacking thing in Tibet is

Teahouses, pubs, and small

Small colorful

Villagers come and go

Climb to a low wall outside the pub or pour a cup of tea

Or pour a glass of wine

Indiscriminate chat

Living freely in your own world

I think

No city like Tibet

So cute

The special rate of Tibetans living

Basically no one remembers his birthday.

They only remember big events

And use this as a sign of the birth of a child

Outside of life

I feel lonely and lonely.

They worship and pray in the most primitive way.

Only for the innate, indestructible belief in the heart

Looking at the majestic Potala Palace

Looking at the sacred Drepung Monastery and Sera Monastery

Looking at the mourning mourning of the Tanggula Mountain

Their hearts will be quiet

There is not a little distracting thought in my heart.

Nothing to think about

Speaking of people in Tibet, I have to think of him.

Tsangyang Gyatso

The legendary six-day Dalai

Although he is the king of Tibet

But have a heart that does not avoid the world

Have to go to Tibet at least once in his life.

Not for ghee and beauty

Just to gain some purity, Tibet is treasured in my heart.

One day of the month of a certain year

Carefully comment on the beauty you left for me