Many of life’s disappointments, whether at work or in relationships, are always unpleasant. Often this time I want to find a place to sit quietly listening to children’s songs……

So, I started a trip! I went to Tibet alone!

Looking out of the window at the blue sky and white clouds, as if he turned into a fish in the clouds swimming

Come to the dream hometown – Tibet. Magnificent mountains and rivers, colorful national culture, strong religious feelings, simple Tibetan people. Everything is so harmonious and comfortable!

Look at the blue sky, white clouds, lying in lush grass, the wind blowing, gently touch my face, listen to the voice of nature! The mood is particularly comfortable!

Like a person sitting on a high mountain, overlooking the land. Looking at the opposite sea of clouds rolling, the mood has become comfortable

Sitting on the bank, watching the opposite blue lake like blue sky into the lake! Also may be the blue sky and white clouds exchange space.

The horse eats the grass earnestly, the deep red sunset, the dark green mountain, the green grass crochets a beautiful picture. The evening scenery is so charming.

Plain folk custom amorous feelings, follow them to experience Tibet’s other style together. Is it not a kind of enjoyment?

Look at the white clouds in the sky like you owe me five bucks?

The snow mountain in the distance, especially dazzling in the setting sun, has the charm of dare not look directly at.

Looking at such a beautiful scenery, do you want to live here, away from the hustle and bustle of the city!

The pilgrim’s piety, his heart seems to be calm general!

There is always a place, can touch your heart soft, become the home of the soul!

Looking at the picturesque scenery, my trip to Tibet did not come in vain!

Later I will introduce the beautiful scenery of my trip to Tibet to you in detail

Give you the most comfortable visual experience!

Let your eyes travel!

Let you experience the beautiful trip to Tibet!