Tibet, everyone’s destination.

However, there are many scenic spots in Tibet. Apart from the potala palace and namtso, which scenic spots are not boring to visit? This article may give you the answer.

Jokhang Temple

Some people say that Jokhang Temple is only suitable for one visit, but zhuoma thinks that Jokhang Temple can be visited many times. Only when you come to Tibet can you know that the barkhor street around Jokhang Temple is the real Lhasa in local people’s mind.

Chanting, mumbling, with the blue sky and white clouds, red house white tile, the United States is not true. Faith is the only thing here, and the piety on the faces of the people is the truest expression of Jokhang Temple.

Tibet Ngari

Ngari, the vast land here is more vast and the holy lake here is more clear, there are more flying eagles and running cattle, sheep and horses, exposed to the wind and frost in the ruins of ancient civilization few people disturb.

The altitude is higher, and preparation time, physical strength and willpower are more demanding for a challenger.


In the land of China, we must name a place to visit, there must be Tibet; If you ask what places in Tibet are worth visiting, Nyingchi is inevitable.

Anyone who has ever been to Nyingchi thinks he is in heaven.

Nyingchi has beautiful scenery, and many areas are known as the “little jiangnan of xizang”. There are Nyingchi peach blossom festival and colorful nanyi ditch. Also known as xishuangbanna xizang motuo county and chayu county bottom.

Samye Temple

Samye Temple is located at the foot of habulishen mountain in zacang county, south of the mountain. It is the first Temple of shaodu monks in Tibet.

The temple is surrounded by lush trees, lush forests, lingering canals, black-necked cranes leisurely foraging, which can be described as a wonderland outside the world, plateau oasis.

Climb to the top of habri sacred mountain next to Samye Temple in the morning or evening, you can overlook the panoramic view of Samye Temple and yarlung zangbo river.

Makye ame

The name of makye ame comes from a love poem written by cangyang gyatso. According to legend, it is the name of the lover of cangyang gyatso.

Although this is a restaurant, the platform on the roof is a perfect place to overlook barkhor street, and it has a clear view of badoo east street and badoo south street. The restaurant has a strong xizang style, there are a lot of notes on the tea table, write the feelings of tourists around the world, “makye ame” this name also with a group of tourists frequent exchanges, travel parties.

Ranwu Lake

Ranwu Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in Tibet, is next to laigu village.

The tranquility and blueness of Ranwu Lake are well known. Litter is rarely seen in the Lake, and the scenery around the Lake varies. The color of Ranwu Lake is very rich. The grass, forest, autumn leaves and white waterfowl as well as the colorful pebbles of the shoal are as fresh as a mirror.

Yamdrok Lake

Local Tibetan folk songs praise Yamdrok Lake: “fairyland in heaven, yangzhuo on earth. Stars in the sky, cows and sheep by the lake.

Summer everywhere verdant, blue sky set off green mountains, very beautiful; In winter, the snow and ice covered mountains extend, the sky turns dark blue, the lake is slightly frozen, but the scenery is beautiful.

Lake Manasarovar

The holy lake is the incarnation of god, the lake means the return of the ancient spirit, as long as the life is endless, reincarnation forever.

Many people come here to make a pilgrimage to turn the lake. They open their arms, fold their hands, bend their knees and touch the earth with their whole body.


Qomolangma is considered to be the third goddess among the five fairies in Tibetan mythology. She is the goddess of all mountains and the top of the earth, also known as the third pole of the earth.

The view of Qomolangma, from the mountains in the clouds to the dazzling world of ice and snow, is of great interest.


Kangrinboqe is always called the sacred mountain. Mysterious place, the mountain to the sun, I do not know why, the snow does not melt all the year round, white snow, and the mountain behind, no snow for years, even if covered with snow, the sun out, then melt, nature just the opposite routine.

Turn to the Kangrinboqe mountains and you’ll see a steady stream of devout tibetans and religious people walking through the winding mountain roads and whispering prayers.

Many people want to go to Tibet, but feel afraid to go to Tibet. If possible, I hope you can go to Tibet for a walk. It must be the most unforgettable memory of your life.