Tibet travel

A trip to Tibet, western sichuan, northern yunnan, gannan, qinghai and other Tibetan areas

Some people say: this is the paradise of the soul, the hell of the body

Thousands of kilometers of running on the average poster over 4,000 meters of snow plateau

Snow-capped mountains, ravines and valleys, lakes, alpine grasslands, waterfalls rapids, virgin forests

Blizzard, broken road, landslide, debris flow, high anti – high, lost, emergency

Luya line, bingcha line, haitonggou, zhujiaolashan, fenghuo road section, ngari north line

All sorts of outrageous contingencies

Are you  ready?Countless stunning landscape but hidden behind a variety of possible conditions!


The whole journey to Tibet for all self-driving, hikers to provide safe, comfortable, secure service system.Your journey, I escort!

You just need to know”Westbound state – Tibetan autonomous driving security service package”

Pre-trip consultation, tour guide design, road condition, weather change, hotel reservation, best route navigation, high anti-tibet, cultural taboos in Tibetan areas, scenic spot camera position, scenic spot guide

“Westbound state – Tibetan autonomous driving security service package”

Everything is under control

“Westbound state – Tibetan autonomous driving security service package”

Provide you with

1.Pre-trip consultation

One-to-one travel consultation and material preparation consultation. Detailed and professional



2. Customized road book

According to your driving model, the age, gender, preferences, high reverse evaluation, travel season and travel time customized professional itinerary road book, accurate design of travel time, route, resident altitude; Select attractions, viewing locations, times and web celebrity camera slots.

3.travel agency internal price hotel reservation

Provide daily booking service, according to the preferences of customized safe and comfortable accommodation in advance of the hotel, the inn, the internal settlement of your travel agency preferential price (season at least than ctrip lower 20 yuan to 80 yuan or so), let you at ease to play without worrying about the dilemma of the room. Save at least a few hundred yuan for a trip without the hassle of picking a hotel.

4. High anti-consultation and prevention

One – on – one full – course anti – high counter – evaluation can effectively avoid and reduce high counter – occurrence and harm degree.




5.Road conditions and early warning of climate change

Collect road conditions in Tibetan areas through multiple channels, provide road conditions throughout the whole process, issue and give early warning, deal with emergencies, avoid traffic jams caused by abrupt climate change or road break, and provide detour design and navigation.

6.Special road warning and reminder

Early warning, out of the door, safety first, Tibetan road conditions are complex and changeful, winding road risk, some roads look harmless, but many people and animals in the pit, at the same time, livestock and other animals often appear on the road, often run over animals accident and cause disputes. Every day, we will give an early warning according to the road the motorcade will pass.


7. Consultation on cultural taboos in Tibetan areas

Tibetan cultural taboo, the whole process of the humanities, temples and other taboo advice.

8.Food recommendation

Ask for food advice and get to know the food and products of your destination ahead of time. People are on a journey. Only food and beauty can live up to.



9.specialty recommendation

Specialty consulting, consulting in advance to understand the destination products.