The most famous temples in Tibet are jokhang temple, drepung temple, gandan temple, tashilhunpo temple, sanye temple, chubu temple, sakya temple and so on. According to statistics, there are more than 1,700 temples in Tibet.

Unlike other areas, temples in Tibet are usually built in remote places, sometimes on mountains, or even on the top of high mountains. The road to reach is relatively difficult, but it is much more quiet.

Some people say, Tibet does not go to a temple, that still has what meaning? For a place rich in religious culture, Tibetan temples have always played a vital role. Today zhuoma will introduce several representative temples in Tibet and show you different Tibetan culture.

Those temples in Tibet are red


The most venerable ancient temple in Lhasa

Jokhang temple

There is a saying that one has never been to Lhasa without having been to jokhang temple

Jokhang temple has a history of 1350 years

It is the oldest temple in Lhasa

It is still the center temple of the whole Tibet

In front of jokhang temple

There were always pilgrims from all over the country

They knelt on the flagstones

Devout worship

Some crawl all the way from all over the country

Jokhang temple is the destination for these pilgrims


Six centuries of chanting

Sera monastery

Sera monastery, drepung monastery and gandan monastery are collectively known as the three major monasteries in Lhasa.

There are stammers, maiba and abba sanzachang inside the temple.

There are a large number of precious cultural relics and handicrafts

Sera temple is most famous for its debate on scripture

(15:00 PM Monday to Friday)

The monk’s understanding of Buddhism is tested through debate

Listen to the debate by

Has become a sera temple scenery


The largest temple in Tibetan Buddhism


Drepung monastery was founded in 1416 AD

It is one of the three temples in Lhasa

The monastery has nearly ten thousand monks

For the outline of the rising temple, the temple

Group Lou zhi, grand scale

Inside the temple, there are silver lingpagoda of the second, third and fourth dalai lamas

Drepung monastery is a must

It’s that quiet, that leisurely, that calm

Nothing like it

It felt less like a temple and more like a quiet little village

Everyone in it lived in peace

Smile and be kind


The oldest temple of wealth in Tibet

Zaki temple

The temple for auspicious day mother – zaki ram temple

Legend behind

The monks, who were monks, blessed the faithful and blessed their precious gifts

Good luck, having

The big widder king kong belongs to the guardian god of the world

It means that one has been freed from the suffering of samsara

It belongs to the high god

But the world guardian god and the sentient beings still have the fate

So a lot of times you get a humanoid

In contact with all living beings, zaki is one of these gods

And very effective


Chanting and rope raising

drigong ti temple

The central monastery of the zhigong kagyu sect

It was built in 1179 by zhigomba inchinbai

Stand among the steep mountains

Very spectacular, the temple has more than 300 monks

There is a dezhong temple deep in the mountain stream

Famous nuns practice


The college at whampotsi hill

Ganden monastery

Gandan temple, founded in 1409

By the gelugpa sect patriarch zongkhapa master personally founded

It is one of the earliest temples in the gelug sect

Can be said to be the whole gelugpa inheritance of the ancestral temple

This is also the place where master zongkhaba lived

And his death


A mysterious temple favored by the gods

Galden jampaling monastery

The temple was founded by a disciple of zong khaba, xi rao sangbu

Founded in 1444, it belongs to the gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism

It is the largest temple of gelug sect in qamdo area

The temple by the gelug sect of xiangxiong quwang zaba,

Trudon langa white, the year heap chong gongga zhaxi,

The third dalai solangacuo and other famous eminent monks presided over

The architecture of qiangbaolin temple is magnificent and colorful

Into the oratory

Hundreds of Buddha statues are displayed

Thousands of square meters of murals and many exquisite thangka paintings


The most incredible temple in Tibet

His temple

Suobu temple was built on the south cliff of suobu mountain in the belly of duojiqiang mountain

At an altitude of 4980 meters

There is a karst cave on the north side of the main hall of suobu temple

It is called the sobo cave

The mouth of the cave faces south. It is dark and damp inside

Some places are open and flat

Some places allow only one person to crawl in and out on his knees

The walls of the rock were polished smooth

The view inside the cave is very strange

But everywhere there is a magical legend

Mostly related to padmasambhava’s practice


The most dangerous turn

Sechaguto temple

Seca guto temple is also called sanka guto temple

It is located in luozha county, shannan city, Tibet

At an altitude of 3700 meters

Has a long history

A breathtaking turn

Vivid frescoes and Buddha statues

It was built because of the nine-story childe tower and named after the tower

The pagoda is a famous ascetic monk in Tibet

One man built it in six years and seven months

It has a history of 938 years


The first temple in ali

Tortolin temple

Torin temple was founded in 996

By king yisiwo of guge

And buddhist scripture translation master renqing sangbu

Designed and built after the sanye temple in front of Tibet

Torin, which means to fly and never fall

Thanks to guge’s great efforts to cultivate Buddhism

Torin temple gradually became the center of Buddhism at that time


The reincarnation system of Tibetan Buddhism was initiated here

Tsurphu Monastery

Chubu temple is 60 kilometers west of Lhasa, Tibet

Duilongdeqing county northwest chubu river upstream

At an altitude of 4300 meters

About 70 kilometers away from the western suburb of Lhasa, Tibet

It is the main monastery of the karma kagyu sect

The reincarnation system of Tibetan Buddhism, which attracted worldwide attention, was initiated here

It was later promoted by other Tibetan sects

Tibetan red can not escape

Maybe for Tibet

We are all dust on earth

Waiting for the baptism of the soul