Mountains, since ancient times are the most people worship and worship, from three mountains and five mountains to kailash rinpoche, kawagbo… No matter which one, has enough weight in people’s mind. The mountains in the hinterland are always lush and green. Maybe mount tai is lofty and mount hua is steep, but if you have ever been to the qinghai-tibet plateau, you will surely recognize that the snow-capped mountains towering into the clouds are more fascinating and desirable. When the mountain is covered with snow, it seems as if the coarse shell of the body into a holy soul, you look up at the same time, you can feel it staring at you. In every one of us in the heart of the most flat place, there must be a snow mountain, it is pure, high, extraordinary tolerance, despite the numerous events, vicissitudes of life, the snow mountain will always stand.

There are countless snow-capped mountains on the qinghai-tibet plateau, and there are also countless mountains that are respected by the world. Talking about those famous sacred mountains and sacred mountains, people may blurt out like a treasure. However, in naqu of northern Tibet, there is a place that even many people who have lived on the snow-covered plateau for generations do not know. Nagqu, located in the northern part of Tibet on the qinghai-tibet plateau, is connected by tanggula mountains, nianqing tanggula mountains and gangdise mountains, and dotted with lakes. It is known as the hometown of cordyceps sinensis, the source of rivers and the soul of grassland. Those who first arrive at nagqu will surely be attracted by the continuous grassland, which is a green grass garment spread on an altitude of 4,500 meters. If you go deep into that song, a city 10 counties, 369,674 square kilometers of land, will give you countless surprises, which, especially compared to the county most special.

Biru county, located in the upper reaches of the nujiang river, is an important town on the Tibetan ancient road. It is said that this county was originally settled by a “female yak tribe”. Because in Tibetan, “for example” means “mother yak horn”. Using animals as a totem of a tribe, the name of the tribe, this is the ancient people only adopted the method. For example, in Chinese, it means “give examples and enumerate”. In many foreign translations, it is also translated as “example Count”, which is very interesting. For example, the terrain of county is dominated by low mountains and hills, with high mountains and valleys, surrounded by icebergs and snow peaks, and the elevation is slightly lower than that of naqu city’s seni district. So no matter which direction you come from, for example, you will feel more comfortable because of the lower altitude. Within the area of the lake, a part of the country called the app is classified as one of the few virgin areas of the snow-covered plateau.

Sapp, or saporapp, is one of the sacred mountains of Tibetan Buddhism. Due to deep gullies and poor transportation, this stunning glacier and lake has been hidden from the public. From biru county along the provincial highway S303 can reach about 150 kilometers, 90 kilometers before and for smooth, the asphalt with sand and gravel road from sheep show township to sapp mountain at the foot of more than 60 km are rugged mountain path, can say, but within 30 kilometers mountains across the valley, is the drive line alone is enough to fascinating.

As the mountain road goes up, the altitude is gradually rising, 4500 meters, 4700 meters, 4900 meters… Your heart rate quickened and your breathing quickened as you watched the altimeter break 5,000. Is not so much concern about high against more than a breakthrough self limit of excitement, even on the Tibetan plateau, literally a pass is more than 4800 meters or more than 5000 meters, but every time he passed, imagine a little higher, but each time to refresh the way or climbing the height of the records will sincerely feel, to the life of another highland a solid step. Crossing the sea of clouds, once only felt by plane, can be easily accomplished here. As we cross the chala pass, a few of the climbing curves are really like driving into the clouds.

Arrived at an altitude of 5072 meters mountain during the summer, the weather is called dark bright, sunny rain, you can even touch the fast moving clouds, pass a surrounded by mist, the other side is showing a ridge and scenic mountain and on the road, cloud mixed with a little wind, accumulation and dispersion in the clouds from the backs of the mountain, near the height of the general aircraft cruise let everything looks abnormal of yellow here, maybe it’s the beauty of the plateau, which is across the beauty of the world after five kilometers above sea level.

In the pass, you often see a number of blocks, mostly in the form of cones, but also in the form of cylinders, piled on top of each other. Many people may be curious that this is actually a mani pile. Manitou Tibetan language called “duobang”, is built up the meaning of the stone, is used to pray for sacrifice. In the mountains, intersections, lakes and rivers all over Tibet, you can almost see piles of stones and stone slabs piled into mani piles. You can also pick up a stone and put it on the mani pile.

As we headed down the mountain to yangxiu, the clouds suddenly thickened, obscuring the sun. It would be very depressing if we didn’t have a good day here. But in xizang, everything pays attention to this “yuan” word, but also can only be a trace of unease buried in the heart, bumpy mountain all the way to pray.

When passing by yangxiu village, I met the person who was on the head, and heard the driver say that this was the person who went to Lhasa to worship. They set out from the path in front of their home (tent) and began to kowtow until they reached Lhasa, the holy place in their hearts. Such a strong belief is worth learning for all of us, because we have been too difficult to stick to one thing. See them, and some words in my mind wandering, “murmured whispers is over 咏诵 scripture is the Vatican sound of three-step oil li is not in the pilgrimage to drown in the surging crowds do you believe the pace never stops so firm with gray haze is on you to wash away the stamp of the secular heart on your forehead is with god’s appear to be close to it all the way with the mind ten million times don’t touch your footprint as a flourishing and auspicious things is my wish”

Through yangxiu township into puzonggou road section, it really entered the cross-country mode. About cross-country, different people have different feelings, some people think cross-country is a kind of life, some people think cross-country is a kind of spirit, some people think cross-country is a kind of game, but I think it is more like a feeling. This kind of feeling comes from love, not only for the car, the road, but also for the pursuit of freedom, the exploration of strange land, the love is the way you walk, meet people, see the scenery… And the journey of all that has happened. The journey to sapp has been one of those beloved journeys, knowing that the Promised Land lies ahead, and no matter how rough the road may be, let it be extremely bumpy and tortuous.

Snow scenery is how beautiful spectacular, in the nearest place from the day, a plateau, five hundred sheep cloud, three thousand Buddha singing, one hundred thousand cattle and sheep together depicted a picture of the sky, light and earth shadow. Somewhere in the valley, the stunning app mountain appeared after skirting a few hills and turning off a trail of debris and glacial meltwater. That is an unforgettable state of mind, I always want to call it moved. It is the resonance of the grand scene before me, the dialogue with the glacier and snow mountain formed hundreds of millions of years ago, the praise for the snow mountain that is regarded as the god, and the emotion that I finally see your heart.

The journey is bumpy, the plateau is hypoxic, the weather is changeable, but when you get really close to it, it’s worth it. Forward along the road to reach the glacier lake, river valleys, streams and the polynya common impact on the plain is still clear thread, this is the only weapon unique nature, valley snow melt water flows into the lake from here in the lake by tidal built on the plains of embankments, slightly convex hairy on the bake of green plants, I have a few clusters he flowers in full bloom here.

The ice and snow had just melted, and you could still hear the thudding sound of the huge glacier breaking apart in the lake. The sound was so penetrating to the valley that you could see the glittering light of the remaining glacier floating on the surface of the lake. The glaciers here have not only ice sheets and glaciers very similar to polar glaciers, but also mountain glaciers in the high mountains. If the ice comes here every year, it’s hard to tell whether it’s at the poles or on the Tibetan plateau.

Seen from the air, the sapp is majestic, graceful, sturdy, and graceful, so why is it so multifaceted? It turned out to be the highest peak in a long stretch of snow, and every other mountain had a different relationship from the app, from left to right, its wife, the illegitimate child of its cheating wife, its second son, its eldest son, its sacred mountain, its youngest daughter. You may wonder why the word “bastard” is used, but please believe that you are not mistaken. It is a legend about them. But the content of the story has been shattered in history, leaving only their connections to be full of reverie. Such a story can not help but remind people of those Nordic myths, but it is really from the northern Tibetan nagqu.

The sapp mountain is the highest in the mountains, but it is not so superior in terms of its shape alone, but standing like a huge snow, it shows its absolute status. The white cloud that haunts the summit of the mountain is like a white hada offered to the sacred hill of sapp, and the snow-capped glacier that overflows the mountain is like the armor of a general.

Sapp’s wife is one of the most aesthetically pleasing of the hills, with its sleek ridges, glaciers and exposed rocks, like a thin silk dress, and a figure that seems to show. White scarf in the wind, a look back is enough to leave thousands of years of dreaming.

Mountain, the reason why he is revered as a sacred mountain, not only because of his towering figure, not only because he has a million years of ice and snow blessing, but also because he has a unique geometric shape. Sapp’s second son is like a white pyramid, a perfect isosceles triangle. When the natural objects formed in nature are exactly the same as the geometric aesthetics of human beings, the tacit sense of nature and science has a strong sense of sensory impact. There is no lack of famous horn peak in the world, but in front of him, all look inferior.

Her wife’s illegitimate child appears to have inherited her brother’s genes, similar in size to her second son. From the appearance, the year-round snow almost covered the entire mountain, not a trace of exposed rocks. The snow on the surface was crystal clear and easily broken, like the skin of a baby, and he was the youngest member of the whole family.

People linger for a long time in the place where modern civilization is stationed. Thousands of buildings are pulled up in place to separate people in the small square grid arranged vertically and horizontally. The sky there may be any color but not blue. If you look up, there are no sacred mountains, lakes, valleys and glaciers, only buildings and buildings. The beauty of sapp’s sacred mountain lies not only in its sad and touching legend, but also in its rugged path to pilgrimage to it, its towering posture, and more in its evoking the desire for freedom, exploration and self-challenge that has long been confined in the iron and steel forest.