What should the world look like?

No one knows

Some people will say in the desert, hot sun

Going in, maybe you are coming out

Some people will say that in the hundreds of volcanoes distributed on the earth.

If you hold a map alone, the dense volcano

As if everyone lives in the tormented doorway

The world is big, small humans

Can be ignored compared to nature

If you are in the west of Tibet, you have seen these roadside scenery.

You probably will understand why someone will send out

Lamented to death

This is not an emotion

But it’s really shocking from the heart.

At the end of the road is the sky

Her other name is called West Heaven.

At that time, several people from Tang Yin and his men were trekking in the snow.

I don’t know if I will feel the same as us:

Seen outside the window, all are white

Between the heavens and the earth, the grass is not born

This gives birth to feelings, only open the eyes and raise the long ears.

Listen to this silent and silent moment

I thought that Tang Yi’s apprentices probably only felt

The boring feeling of the boat and the hungry

Walking in the mountains, it is easy to make people feel isolated

This is another charm displayed by the beauty of the wilderness.

But to enjoy it, it is necessary to have a great psychological risk.

Because the average is maintained at an altitude of 4,000 meters

Hypoxia, cold, panic, inaccessible

Every factor can be deterred

Beautiful things are often dangerous

But the danger is not the reason why you can’t yearn for and move forward.

Some people say that there is no Ali, not Tibet.

Probably speaking, the charm of this land of wasteland in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Here is the ultimate self-driving route in Tibet.

See the class road book or strategy, the writing gap

Reflecting the beauty of this line

It seems that this life is not a glimpse.

I feel that it makes sense to have a lifetime.

If you really want to be here,

Desolation, it was her synonym

This is not a misunderstanding, especially in winter.

The snow-capped mountains are covered with thicker quilts and spread to the foot of the mountain, by the lake, and even by the road.

The exposed color is not the yellow grass, but the pure soil.

We are born to us to raise us, the original appearance

The same is true

Today, those luxuriant places, green grass

People are on the streets, bustling

And here, still stay a quiet

May be waiting

Every guest coming from afar

When you see the flock of sheep, you will be surprised.

There are so many living creatures here.

Between the snow, in the polar

They breathe, the hot air that comes out becomes white smoke

Can bring your previous imagination and thought back to the world

The river here is endless and does not know.

When suddenly disappeared, in the west of the Qiangtang area

In different seasons, the rivers will change their postures.

I will go west for a while, go east for a while, twist and turn

Land and mountains are their friendly audience

Ten thousand years, it seems that I don’t hate it.


Representing the highest appreciation

There is always a life that will be covered with lime.

There are always many times in life that will be filled with the troubles of the world.

Escape or avoid, always the best way

But I can come here and circle around the mountain.

Some parts should be eliminated, including some distractions in my heart.

Not to wash our souls

At least, here, there is no competition

You are really ok

I only look around here and look at the mountains.

Then continue to bow your head and take the road you want to go.

In other people’s photos, she is so tall, so majestic

Going to the front of the mountain, I found that I was so close to myself.

Near to the photo just taken

Reach out

In fact, the original appearance of the world

Is in your heart, in a place where your thoughts are vivid

After all, the world in your eyes

only belongs to you!