Snowy peaks
Broad and flat plateau

Tibetan antelope and yak stars

Embelled on it

Maybe Tibet is the closest place to heaven.

So here is the sky blue, the cloud is white

Embark on this land

Mysterious, quiet


it’s here

Mind gets washed instantly

Those complicated dusty trivia

Secular wind and snow

One by one with the wind

The vast snowy plateau undulates the rolling hills.

The South Gabava Peak shines in the stars.

It is the sacred place of Tibet’s oldest Buddhist “Zhu Zhongben”. A pilgrim worshipped and left behind a devout footprint.

On one side of the South Gabava Peak is the rolling Yarlung Zangbo River, where the river rushing down forms a horseshoe-shaped loop.

Here, glaciers, torrents, steep cliffs, and canyons are criss-crossed, which can be said to be the “final mystery” of mankind.

The majestic Mount Everest, covered with snow all year round, stands on the plateau of the mountains, the peaks are straight into the sky! !

At sunrise and sunset, the clouds are difficult to see the true colors, adding a mystery.

Snow lotus blossom, green wine

Yaks and antelopes are scattered on the plateau

Co-engraving a mysterious and ancient scroll

The Potala Palace is inlaid on the scroll like a pearl. She stands quietly on the mountain of Mount Mabu, guarding the thousands of creatures on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Everything is so pure, everything is so soothing.

Uncovering the mystery of the Potala Palace, just like people’s fantasy, so pure, so natural, so quiet, so serene.

She is a symbol of Tibet and even the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and a holy place in the hearts of the Tibetan people!

In the old town of Lhasa, there is an ancient temple called “Jokhang Temple”, which has the supreme status in Tibetan Buddhism.

Since the construction of the Tuzi Songtsan Gambo, the ancient temple has not gone through thousands of years, blending the architectural styles of various ethnic groups and becoming the classical model of Tibetan religious architecture.

Various wood carvings in the temple, the decoration is beautiful, and the believers pay homage to the prayers in the chanting of the Buddhist scriptures.

The incense was lingering all day long in front of the temple, and the believers devoutly bowed to the bluestone floor in front of the door to leave a deep impression of the long head. Wan Wan butter lamps are long, leaving traces of years and pilgrims.

The beauty of Nam Co is irresistible, and you will be attracted to it when you arrive here.

When you face the holy lake, the blue sky is reflected in the calm lake, which makes you feel very quiet and comfortable.

The Nam Co in the night is even more amazing, like a jasper in the starry sky.

Occasionally a few birds pass by, adding a few touches to the still picture.

This is Tibet, the place closest to heaven, the blessing of the soul;

This is Tibet, where life sings and the soul sublimates here;

This is Tibet, the place to go all the time! ! !