It is said that Tibet has countless reasons, every one, can be in the hearts of people longing for the distant planting a seed of desperation, and then, take root, germinate!

Also somebody says, go Tibet, do not need any reason at all, it is this name only, enough make a person be haunted by a dream.

But anyway, Tibet, in the eyes of many people, is the paradise in the dream, is the original appearance of the world, is the infinite yearning distance, hiding infinite romance.

Perhaps, you never came, but certainly will not forget.

I have 1000 ways to make you love it, because Tibet is so beautiful.

That kind of devout faith, perhaps, only when you come here at the moment, can feel its pure and simple.

I wish to change the Buddha into here, lower eyebrows drooping head two never tire, I do not know how many people go here, just to see it, standing on this snow plateau, it is the most majestic throne.

Regardless of spring and autumn, or winter and summer, when you see it at the beginning of the eye, it is like a dream of the scenery, you will be immersed in boundless shock.

There are many beautiful sceneries in Tibet.

No matter when, here is worth you to come, see the first half of life has never seen the scenery, walk the first half of life has never walked the road, you will find that this is a beautiful life!