On a trip that was never far away,

Everyone has a Tibetan dream.

It became a belief,

Let the people lost in the city

You can find your lost soul.

If your Tibetan dream is still alive,

Why don’t we go to some of these iconic sites,

They can make you feel the Tibet in your heart more clearly.

The potala palace

The potala palace was built in the 7th century by the king of Tibet, songtsan gambo, for princess wencheng of the tang dynasty, who was married far away from Tibet.

It is built according to the mountains, group building overlap, temple saga, imposing, is an outstanding representative of ancient Tibetan style.

A large number of murals inside the palace were painted by nearly 200 people over ten years, with exquisite patterns, which can be said to be a huge gallery of painting art.

Mount Everest

Mount Qomolangma is the world’s highest mountain system of the main peak of the Himalayas, the peak snow throughout the year, for the world’s highest peak.

Its mountain is a giant pyramid shape, majestic and majestic head out of the sky, the terrain is extremely steep, the environment is very complex.

Looking at mount Everest, whether it is the mist in the mountains, or the dazzling world of snow and ice, all aroused great interest.


Namjarbawa peak, also known as muzhuobar mountain, was named the most beautiful snow-capped mountain in China by China national geographic in 2005.

Its huge triangular peak body is covered with snow all the year round and shrouded in mist and mist. It never shows its true face easily, so it is also called “shame female peak”.

Okada rinpoche’s

Kailash kailash, generally referred to as kailash kailash, stands in alipuram county, Tibet. It is the birthplace of the Ganges, Indus and Brahmaputra rivers and the most famous sacred mountain in Tibet.

Its mountain shape is like olive, it penetrates into the clouds, its peak is like a colorful round crown, surrounded by eight-petal lotus flowers, and its body is like crystal lined, enjoying the reputation of “king of sacred mountain”.

Yarlung zangbo river grand canyon

The yarlung zangbo grand canyon is the deepest canyon on the earth. The entire canyon area is crisscrossed by glaciers, cliffs, steep slopes, mudslides and huge rivers with huge waves. It is known as “the last dense boundary of mankind”.

It breaks through the mountain barrier between the qinghai-tibet plateau and the Indian Ocean, and continuously transports water vapor into the plateau, making the southeast of the qinghai-tibet plateau a green world, and some places become the south of Tibet.

Zagreb of forest soil

Located in zada county, ali district, Tibet, China, zada Turin is the most famous geomorphologic scenery area in zada county, and also the most typical Turin formed by the weathering of tertiary strata with the largest distribution area in the world.

The soil forest is different from the green mountains and waters, birds and flowers, place oneself among them, as if to go back to the distant past, the appeal of nature here fully.

Guge ruins

Located on the south bank of xiangquan river to the northwest of torin town, zabran district, arizada county, the towering guge dynasty ruins are like a sculpture embedded in the huge yadan mountains.

Among the ruins of residual wall painting left 櫂 of past glory and pomp, has left a wall to wall face of history.


Namtso is the highest salt water lake in the world, 4718m above sea level, 70km from east to west and 30km from north to south. It is the largest lake in Tibet and a holy place in the mind of pilgrims.

Namo lake as vast as the sea, mani pile into the track, swaying colorful prayer flags, her holy beauty is irresistible.

Harmony fault by m

Mapayong is located 35 kilometers east of the county seat of puran in ali district of Tibet and south of mount kailash. The surrounding natural scenery is very beautiful.

Mapayong means “the jasper lake of eternal unbeaten” in Tibetan, and pilgrims have always regarded it as their greatest blessing to have a bath there.

Sheep ZhuoYong wrong

Yangzhuo lake, referred to as yanghu lake, is less than 100 axioms away from Lhasa. It is the largest inland lake in the northern foothills of the Himalayas.

Yanghu is a collection of plateau lakes, snow mountains, islands, pastures, hot springs, wildlife, temples and other landscape as one, lakes, snow peaks and blue sky into one, let people linger.


A land of wonders,

When you put your foot on it,

The heart begins halcyon and pure rise.

There are no worldly CARES,

No cheating in the workplace,

Only simple satisfaction remains.