The sichuan-tibet plateau is a scenic avenue that integrates snow mountains, holy lakes, grasslands, magic blue sky, and the scenery of drunken beautiful cloud passes. Such holy scenery is rarely seen in other scenic spots in China. What are the most beautiful cloud landscapes in the western sichuan plateau?

1. Zi mei pass – the best place of gongga snow mountain

Zi mei pass is the best place to see gongga snow mountain, king of shu mountain. However, this part of the road is a winding mountain road. It is not recommended that old drivers should not drive up there.

Clouds in zimei mountain pass are more lifelike than the special effects in TV dramas, just like the fairy flying clouds and fog. The pure white snow mountain on the opposite side is gongga snow mountain. If time permits, you may encounter the most beautiful rizhao mountain.

Zimei pass, located in gongga township, kangding city, ganzi prefecture, is 4500 meters above sea level. From jiagen dam of xindu bridge to zimei pass, you will pass the calcified beach, with excellent lighting along the way.

Gongga snow mountain is the main peak of the great snow mountain, known as the king of the shu mountains, with an altitude of 7,556 meters, ranking the 15th in the world.

2. Niubei mountain — an excellent place for photography

Niubei mountain is a 360-degree viewing platform with a dream-like sea of clouds and sunrise, which always makes people go again and again. Lucky enough to see at the same time the stars, the Milky Way, meteor, sea of clouds, cloud waterfall, Buddha light, snow mountains and other beautiful scenery.

Niubei mountain was once rated as the most beautiful place in China by national geographic. From the viewing platform, you can see gongga mountain, Erlang mountain, jiajin mountain, emei mountain, siguniang mountain and other sacred mountains.

Niu back mountain is located in yingjing county sanhe township gourd er ditch, 3660 meters above sea level, as netizens said ready to psychological beauty, niu back mountain is not allowed to go to the car can only hike to climb, estimated 8 hours or so.

3. Four people at the same time — the secret world of photography

Four people are another photography mecca and viewing platform after niubei mountain. Four people are on a hill opposite niubei mountain, with an altitude of 3,510 meters. Local chartered buses or hiking are suggested on the mountain road with four people.

Four people compared to cattle back mountain more primitive flavor, shock is beyond words, winter like place oneself in snow country, summer is full of azaleas, bow head sea of clouds billowing rise is snow mountain, is simply the fairyland of the world.

If there is one place that seems to be haunted by gods, it is the most beautiful mountain passes in western sichuan. The sea of clouds is sometimes calm and sometimes turbulent. The contrast between the magnificence of the snow-capped mountains and the insignificance of human beings is shocking.