Every year in July and August is the day of school summer vacation, and it is also a hot time for people to travel to various places. Whether domestic or foreign, island or desert, everywhere is “people follow the crowd”. Of course, Tibet, with its numerous mountains and rivers, is also enjoying its annual “sea of people” season.

After arriving in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, it is natural to see the potala palace and jokhang temple first. People usually choose Yamdrok Lake, which is just over 100 kilometers away from Lhasa, as the goat Lake.

Yamdrok Lake has been in operation since 2007 and started charging entrance fees in 2008, initially costing 40 yuan. Later, with the development of social economy and the increase of the investment in the construction of the scenic spot, the ticket price was adjusted to 120 yuan per ticket in 2018 after approval, and copies of official documents were posted in the ticket office.

Although July and August are the peak season for visiting Tibet, Tibet cultural tourism group has lowered the ticket price of Yamdrok Lake to 60 yuan per ticket in order to actively respond to and implement the measures of the autonomous region to lower the ticket price to attract tourists. Many friends who want to go to Tibet to play around Lhasa have applauded, ticket prices directly in half, although said the savings is not what big money, but as long as there is a discount, it is always better than no. So what are people waiting for? Seize this opportunity!

Yamdrok Lake is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet (Yamdrok Lake, namtso Lake and mapayong Lake), which is located in langkazi county, shannan city, on the south bank of yarlung zangbo river and at the foot of ningjin kangshafeng mountain. Yamdrok Lake occupies a high position in the hearts of tibetans. There is a popular ballad about Yamdrok Lake: the fairyland in heaven, the yangzhuo on earth; Stars in the sky, sheep by the lake. Yamdrok Lake on the ground is like a fairyland in the sky, and the flocks of cattle and sheep are like stars in the sky, which are scattered on the Lake. They are many and bright, dotted with the Yamdrok Lake, which looks like “fireworks without human beings”.

The beauty of Yamdrok Lake is not seasonally restricted, it is blue all the year round. Yamdrok Lake in spring is a baby to wake up, blue. Yamdrok Lake in summer is a vibrant kid, milky blue. Yamdrok Lake in autumn is a serious scholar, deep blue. Yamdrok Lake in winter is high and cold girl, ice blue.

Take your camera with you to Yamdrok Lake, and every photo can be made into a wallpaper. Yamdrok Lake is 130 kilometers long from east to west, 70 kilometers wide from north to south, and 300 kilometers long. Yamdrok Lake flows freely, hand in hand with the road winding forward far far away…

On July 19, solstice, July 24, this year, China made the first comprehensive survey of the underwater topography of Yamdrok Lake. As for the water depth of Yamdrok Lake, it needs to combine relevant data to know how much water there is in Yamdrok Lake. As is known to all, Tibet has the largest group of snow-capped mountains and lakes, so understanding the river runoff is an important basic work for the second qinghai-tibet scientific research expedition, which will also be conducive to a more comprehensive study of the changes and impacts of the “water tower of Asia”.

People of the sheep lake love need not say much, see the people will be able to understand the stream. But many people are worried about whether Yamdrok Lake will reverse course. Yamdrok Lake has an average altitude of about 4,400 meters. If you want to see the yanghu Lake from Lhasa, you need to cross the gangbala pass of 5,030 meters. So since the sheep lake is likely to produce plateau reaction, but also do not too much panic, do not run big jump, walking can be put slowly, maintain a good state of mind, will not have a problem basically. You can also carry medications to treat high levels of reflux in your bag for a rainy day.

If you want to go to Yamdrok Lake, you can drive yourself, or you can choose to join a one-day tour group in Lhasa, charter a bus, or take a bus to langkhazi county. It is expected to take only one day to visit the Lake, and the driving time is about 2 hours. People who have come to Tibet for many times, if they do not want to simply take a one-day trip to the sheep Lake, they can also choose to take our ali tour route. In addition to experiencing the original and most extreme Tibet, they can also feel the tenderness of Yamdrok Lake.