There’s a small village in xinjiang called Baihaba, on the border of China and kazakhstan.

The houses here are all of the same kind of pointy wooden roofing houses. The walls and ceilings are made of whole logs, and the top is supported by wooden boards, which is very similar to the style of European villages.

Wooden cabin, white altai snow mountains, golden birch woods, gurgling streams, curling smoke, herds of cattle and sheep, warm sunshine…… It was like a vibrant landscape, incredibly beautiful.

Baihaba is beautiful all the year round, but the scenery is different, each season has its own unique scenery.

Early spring, trees, all things recovery, tender green charming people.

In midsummer, colorful mountain flowers and verdant forests are distributed in a staggered pattern.

In the middle of winter, yushu qionghua, silver wrapped, against the birch forest silver trunk and dark red branches, charm is still.

The most beautiful season of bahaba village is autumn, golden autumn season, here all the layers, suddenly become colorful up!

The poplar leaves in the valley were yellow, the birch leaves at the foot of the mountain were red, and the needles of the larch were yellow.

The meadow on the hill is brown-red, the snow-capped peaks are covered with snow, and a few clouds float in the blue sky. Such a scenery is like being in the fairy tale world, a breathtaking masterpiece painted by the impressionist oil painting master with nature as his canvas.

“Since ancient times autumn sad loneliness, I say autumn win spring dynasty”, this sentence is really appropriate here! I’ve never seen such a beautiful autumn.

In a year, Baihaba is the most beautiful in autumn, in a day, Baihaba is the most beautiful in the morning, at this time of the sun has just risen, the morning fog has not cleared, Baihaba is shrouded in misty clouds, like a fairyland in the sky.

Baihaba is a village integrating primitive natural ecology and ancient traditional culture. Everything still retains the original features of hundreds of years.

Animals and people get along with each other in such a harmonious picture, which you can hardly see in the city, as if you have gone back to the agrarian age.