Went to Sinkiang, just know what call zhuang mei

Go to Tibet, just know what is heaven

However, there is one place that can challenge Tibet and xinjiang

Half of the beauty of China

This is qinghai! It has all the beautiful scenery in xinjiang and Tibet

Qinghai has qinghai lake, lake neat picturesque farmland rolling wheat waves, cauliflower pan gold, aromatic overflowing; The blue waves of boundless expanse, the color of qinghai lake, like a glass qiong in gently ripples.

There are Ta ‘er Lamasery in qinghai, devout believers, quiet temples and lifelike Buddha statues. In this heavy Tibetan buddhist culture, the soul is purified.

There is Nianbaoyuze in qinghai, which is half wonderland, half sea of flowers, a vast lake, a mountain of god and a mist. Due to human activities, now the garden of god is temporarily closed, as to when it will open, we need to do is to wait quietly.

Qinghai has Cambra, famous for its unique “danxia” landform. The mountains are straight, magnificent and full of masculinity.

Qinghai has Black river grand canyon with extremely rich colors, blue sky, mountains, trees, flowers… Together they create a beautiful picture.

Qinghai has a tasteful Lake Highway, and compared to xinjiang and Tibet’s own route, Qinghai Lake Highway has a higher level of tenderness and can make people calm down.

The Bayi glacier in qinghai has colorful prayer flags flying at the foot of the glacier. It seems to be another world, telling of its infinite charm.

Qinghai have Qilian Mountain Grassland, every year in July and August, Qilian Mountain snow mountains still connected to the prairie, and grasslands laps, horses, cattle, sheep embellished, fascinating.

Qinghai has Menyuan rape flower, wide and endless rape fields, and the melodious sound of “flowers” makes people feel like singing in the flower sea.

There is more to qinghai than meets the eye

Chaka salt lake

When you come to Chaka salt lake, you will find that the lake is like a mirror specially prepared for the sky.

There is a moment, you can not even tell, where is the sky, where is the lake, which is the real world, which is the phantom in the water.

Three river source region

The headwaters of the Yangtze, yellow and lancang-mekong rivers converge here, raising countless small animals.

Looking for a highland looked, the blue let a person be intoxicated, magnificent let a person shock.

Qaidam Basin

For the whole Qaidam Basin it is a desert Basin. Its belly is covered with debris from the erosion of the mountains, and debris and sand carried by the wind.

To the west of Qaidam Basin is a very barren Basin, and though there are long buses passing here every few days, no passengers get off from it, the landscape is very wide indeed.

The Mount drow

Mount drow means “beautiful red queen” in Tibetan. The scenery around it is like a wonderland, which makes people relaxed and happy.

The opposite side of the mountain is the cow heart mountain, the legendary Mount drow and cow heart mountain is a pair of affectionate lovers, silently waiting on the two sides of the babao river, jointly protect the qilian mountain water.

If you don’t go to xinjiang, Tibet

Then come to qinghai

It can meet all your expectations for the trip