When it comes to spring, everyone always thinks that “the fireworks will go down in Yangzhou in March,” but the rough spring in the northwest is even more impressive than the spring in the south of the Yangtze River.

Just like Jinchuan Pear Blossoms, when you are at the top of the mountain, you will find tens of thousands of acres of white snow-like pear trees 360 ° without dead ends surrounded by their own sight.

The breeze blew, and the thousand trees and trees were falling, like a warm snow, dotted with the whole piece of Sichuan, stunning the whole spring.旷, 宏, 静, people can’t bear to refuse!

It’s better to follow the Xiaobian today and drive into the “Ten Li Pear Blossoms” to enjoy the first beauty of the four seas!

Self-driving route

Chengdu→Miyalu→Maerkang→ Jinchuan→ Jiaju→Danba→Takong Prairie→Xinduqiao→Chengdu

In spring, it is not as hot as summer, unlike the frosty autumn leaves of autumn, not as cold as snow in winter. The sunshine is fresher in the winter, and the breeze is more and more gentle. It is revived by the grass, the flowers and the leaves.

Advance reservations are spring holidays, and the “Pear” source of Shengshi is worth your while!



Jinchuan, Danba, and Xinduqiao, behind each name, have beautiful scenery; Shenshan, Diaolou, and Tibetan Village, each word is filled with endless charm. Chengdu has become a gateway to open beautiful scenery!


It is said that Miyaro in the fall makes people nostalgic, but the spring Miyaro also has a charming color.

The various colors, carrying the fresh air after the rain, come to the surface, like a painting, a unique visual feast in the spring canyon.


In the early spring of March, Jinchuan pear flowers are quietly open, without a strong aroma, only a touch of aroma, white petals are pure and flawless. Come here, under the lotus snow mountain, under the Jinchuan pear flower, all the troubles can be put down.

The Shaer Township of Jinchuan is the best place to enjoy pear blossoms. On both sides of the Zhaizi Road, the blooming pears naturally form a natural barrier, and the pedestrians and passing vehicles are hidden in the paradise filled with pear blossoms.

Stroll through the forest trails with different styles, let the blue sky, white clouds, green water, young crops, pear flowers, these paintings with color.

There are three unique Jinchuan pear flowers: one is the snowflake on the top of the mountain and the pear flower in the valley is competing for beauty; the second is the mountain flower flying, the pear flower is spring; the third is the fog and the flower smells.


Jiaju Tibetan Village

Jiaju Zangzhai is located in Danba County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The entire cottage is continually swayed by rolling hills. On a hillside with a relative height of nearly 1,000 meters, a Tibetan-style building is scattered among the green trees.

Between the Tibetan villages, smoke and smoke, and the clouds filled with aura, clear streams, and snowy peaks, the idyllic scrolls are displayed in front of people, in the form of a work of art.

Tagong Grassland

At the beginning of the morning, the tents are scattered in the tents of the pastures, emitting a rich and fragrant milk and tea.

The herdsmen drove the cattle and sheep on the vast grasslands, and sometimes they could hear the melodious songs from the distance.

The majestic Yala Snow Mountain is in harmony with the grasslands. Under the blue sky and white clouds, the Tagong grassland is more beautiful.


Speaking of “small bridges and flowing water”, many people take it for granted that it is Jiangnan. However, in the western Sichuan Plateau, which is called Xinduqiao, there are also beautiful bridges and flowing water, but its style completely jumps out of people’s imagination.

The bridges in the south of the Yangtze River are equipped with smoke and rain and weeping willows. However, Xinduqiao is like a bright and cheerful girl, showing her natural beauty without hesitation in the bright sunshine of the plateau.

I met the river flowing through the valley and looked at the local houses hidden under the green trees in the mountains and forests. I met the simple Tibetans who lived and worked in peace and contentment. When I married the romantic pear snow, you will understand that God is too eccentric.

If you have a car of your own, it is better to take a ride on the road at this very good time, take a breath of fresh air and look for a beautiful spring landscape;

If you still owe yourself a trip to go, you will take advantage of the good spring, and walk away through the most beautiful self-driving route in western Sichuan to a fairyland;

If you are overwhelmed by busy work, it is better to start now. There is no city shackle on this road, no personnel disputes, no cruel competition…