This life, I hope to meet Tibet.

The fascinating scenery of the top of the world will definitely make me fascinated

The devout faith above the plateau will inevitably touch me.

When the mountain and the holy lake are unfolding in front of my eyes

I may be moved to tears.

Tibet, the only wonderland in the world

I am so looking forward to meeting you.

I want to meet the Potala Palace.

Looking up at this palace

Look at it

I want to meet the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon.

Rippling with the boat

Experience the world’s most shocking feelings

I want to meet Ramla.

Standing in the mountains

Just want to see the past and present life reflected in it.

I want to meet the Niyang River.

Flowing water

I heard that there is a peach blossom in the valley full of spring.

I want to meet with Yang Zhuo.

Ribbon blue around the mountain

The beauty of the lake and the mountains

I want to meet Namco.

Sitting by the lake

Watch it’s sunrise sunset

I want to meet the Jokhang Temple.

Listening with my eyes

Listening to the cyan slate, the voice of faith under each long head

I want to meet the Wuhu Lake.

Watching the autumn wind blowing over the lake

The leaves on the lake are getting golden in the infection once and for all.

I want to meet Everest.

Where is the top of the world?

Watch the birds cross the mountain and watch the clouds float.

I want to meet Gang Rinpoche.

Tibet’s indigenous religion, Bon, originated here.

The long-headed mountain is not for the sake of repairing, just to see it.

I want to meet Naqu Grassland.

Half of the smoke is half sunny

Pastoralists, tents, cattle and sheep can be seen everywhere, they use the horse racing node to brighten the pasture

I want to meet with Brabcon

Debra Kang Palace is the first palace in Tibetan history

And I can also see the magnificent scenery of the Yalong Valley here.

I want to meet Lulang Linhai

Walking in the sea of ​​flowers

Really feel the comfort of this fairy residence

I want to meet the class

See the birds flying together

Why half freshwater half salty lake water

But gave birth to these wonders