318 goes almost along the line of 30 degrees north latitude. The great sights are either on either side of the road or within 200 kilometers of it.

Further west, some don’t understand for the people, also can not find the scenery in the traditional culture begin to enter our field of vision, especially in the past, people out of the snow mountain glaciers began to frequent: site, conch’s ditch km frozen waterfalls, SheDuoShan, the two presidents snow mountain, daocheng xuefeng of the three – day, epicenter Wan Yong with hands full, south geba tile, gallas white base.

Further west, four of the 14 peaks above 8,000 meters above sea level, makalu, zhuooyou, qomolangma, xixia bonma, which Everest is the highest point on earth.

There are countless nameless snow mountains and glaciers on both sides of this road. They are nameless, not because their quality is not enough, but because they did not have the opportunity to appear in front of the mainstream culture in the past, and the mainstream culture does not know how to appreciate them.

A short road of more than 2,000 kilometers needs to climb 2 mountains above 5,000 meters and 10 mountains above 4,000 meters.


Take the south line of sichuan and Tibet, the relative drop can often reach 2000 meters, a day has four seasons, a hundred days different. Whether you ride a bike or drive yourself, you will encounter the most complicated road conditions, as well as the most sudden and severe weather. However, it seems to prove that there is always a return to pay, the road scenery, not like fresh town sugar water, uncanny workmanship of nature, photo description is weak.

Gao cheng litang, 3968 meters above sea level

Aila mountain famous 72 guai, 4618 meters above sea level

Ranwu, 3960 meters above sea level

The lake is calm all the year round

Bomi, 2725 meters above sea level

Difficult as the road is, the scenery is picturesque

Snow-capped mountains, lakes, grasslands, primeval forests, hot springs, rivers, and primitive villages exist in a way only seen here.

Finally experienced all this, arrived at the altar of heaven, that joy and touched, language description is still pale.

This is a road to heaven, it is like life, perhaps the more difficult, the more simple, the more beautiful. Please share the pain and happiness with your companions along the way.

No matter how you travel, please do your best to protect the nature and humanity along the way.

It’s one of the most valuable things we can leave behind.