The ancestor of mountains, the source of all rivers

Tibet to the west, heaven ali

Three hundred thousand square kilometers of uninhabited wilderness

Hundreds of plateau lakes are scattered like pearls

Mount Qomolangma, kailinpozi, shihapangma and other mountains stand here

Brahmaputra, Ganges, Indus and other large rivers flow from here

Zada torin temple, dongga piyang grottoes ruins, the earth and rock painting group

Ancient codes have been here for ages

Tibetan antelope, Tibetan wild donkeys bow their heads to feed

Black-necked cranes dance by the pond

Flocks of red-billed and brown-headed gulls were playing in the lake

On the shore, the geese were strolling leisurely

This vast snowy plateau

No one, quiet, seemingly wild also hidden vitality

The average altitude is 4500 meters

It is literally the plateau on the plateau, the roof of the roof of the world

Going to ali is the ultimate dream of countless people

But most tourists

The choice of tourist routes in ali region of Tibet is still shrouded

Online strategies vary widely

I couldn’t find north after I looked

Today you xiaojun will give you a detailed introduction

What are the ali lines in the market like?

How should different people choose?

Ali the downtown

The ali south line because it contains a section

The highway from shiquan river to puran

So it is also called south xinjang road

From Lhasa, we arrived at shigatse via yamdrok, langka and gyantse

To dalazi after fork road

Along the yarlung zangbo river and up through sagar, zhong ba, pa Yang

To the sacred lake, the malsamon

Then south to the edge of the town planan, from the northwest to zada county

Finally enter shiquanhe town, back can be along the original road

Continue south along G318 to gongga via sagar fork road

To Everest base camp

The total length of the incomplete statistics about 4000 kilometers

The route runs between the Himalayas and the gondales

Across vast moors

On the line there are zadatulin, sacred mountain lake, guge ruins

And other colorful cultural and natural landscape

The simplest direct, the shortest time

Generally Lhasa set off about 11 days back and forth can be completed

Good roads, almost all tarred

But there are fewer towns along the southern route than on other routes

Ali northern

The ali big north line on the net, it is to point to ali big ring line commonly

The north line of ali is mostly called “one wrong loop line”.

From Lhasa, we started our trip to cuo lake

Along dangxiong – bango – nima – geji – shiquan river

< / p > < p > return to the male ba yige township – renduo – frequently wrong – nima back to Lhasa

A dozen lakes unfold in turn along the roadside

Gobi, meadow, hill

Every day has an amazing view

Almost all the way on asphalt

But yige township to wembu south village is the whole sand, rub the earth road

So for safety reasons, except for off-road enthusiasts

There are few online travel products that are all wrong

Ali big loop

Also known as the ali grand north line

The ali grand loop is a combination of the southern and northern routes

The usual route is Lhasa – yanghu – shigatse – qomolangma – peguzo – sagar

Joba – gong jutsok – ma paon – talchin – kailash – zadatulin

Guge dynasty – shiquan river – xiongba township – renduo township – cuoqin

Nima – serin tou – bangor – namtou – yangbajin-lhasa

After shiquan river

The landscape is extremely bleak and adventurous

And will enter the qiangtang no man’s land

This is a paradise for wild animals

Tibetan antelope, Tibetan wild donkey, wild horse, wild yak can be seen everywhere

Ali senior Tibetan travelers, travelers

Photographers, explorers must take a line

True ali deep travel routes

Click the following image to see the route details

A: I’m sorry

Ali small loop/ali 8 character loop

Also known as ali small north line

If ali big loop is guide line + north line

So the little loop is the guide plus the little north loop

The specific location is

Lhasa – shigatse – saiga – shiquan river – change – wrong qin – saiga – Lhasa

The small northern line will not pass through the hole

But after cuoqin south 22 road class

Follow laz – Everest base camp (voluntary, not mandatory)

Return to xigaze – Lhasa

This route runs from the middle through the north-south ali line

If there’s not enough time to go around the big circle

You can go straight through the middle

Cut the big circle into the most scenic area of ali

Download youxia app and search [ali]



The whole journey on the plateau, there is no signal for a day, signal telecommunications > mobile > unicom

At an altitude of

It is generally maintained at about 4000 to 4600 meters with a maximum of 5000 meters

The road

The southern route is better than the northern route. The southern line from lazi to shiquan river is basically asphalt road, the speed can reach more than 100. North line is a lot of difference, the basic is gravel road, washboard road, deep pit road


The southern route is better than the northern route. The southern route basically provides 24-hour hot water, including breakfast, and some places have Internet. There is no hot water on the northern line, and the power supply is from 9pm to 12pm (this may change).


5 – in the middle of October

You don’t know until you’ve been to ali

It was far from true that I had been to Tibet after I had been to Lhasa

Come and ride together in the western Tibetan wilderness

Start ali deep travel