In the southeastern margin of the qinghai-tibet plateau

There is a place far away from the world

Sacred mountains, sacred lakes, glaciers, grasslands, temples and beliefs…

They blend in here

Danba Tibetan village

This is famous

“Home of snow mountains” and “home of grassland”

“Home of natural hot springs”, “home of gorges”, “home of lakes”

Colorful kangba culture is born here

The world’s longest history of poetry

And the world-famous love song of kangding was born here

Here since ancient times is connected northwest, southwest

“National corridor” promoting national unity

The main distribution center of tibetan-chinese trade and the center of “tea and horse trade”

The red army’s long march passed through 16 counties here

It took a year and a half

Left behind a large number of revolutionary relics

Here rivers snow peaks, grass sea flowers trees

All of them stick to the original beauty endowed by nature

Here the sound of sacred music, singing and dancing fluttering

All pour out in the vicissitudes of life and snow thick happiness

This is Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture in sichuan province!

Garze is mainly Tibetan

There are 22 ethnic communities including Tibetan, han, yi, qiang and hui

The ancient and thick folk customs

Various schools of Tibetan opera

Unique Tibetan paintings and sculptures

Magical and mysterious Tibetan Buddhism and so on

Garze state is known as a place “more Tibet than Tibet”!

People who have come all say: go to Garze, why Tibet? !

For one thousand years

The people who lived here

Has created the splendid colorful, the profound cultural kangba

But its special physical geographical environment

However, Garze is like a pearl lost in heaven on earth

Independent of the world

It’s still there

The most primitive aspect of the human earth

Therefore, it retains the scenery that makes people yearn for infinitely

Gesar, the national hero, was born here

And from here he jumps into the world’s longest epic

Biography of king geser, ling

Leave a name in history and sing it from generation to generation

The best of the land

Lies in the landscape and humanities

Understand the depth of Tibetan culture

Dege sutra is a must go place

It is the largest Tibetan sutra printing house in China

Known as the “snow mountain under the treasure house of Tibetan culture”


The longest stone warp wall in the world – the bagwell warp wall

Stand still

This is the longest stone wall in the world

It has been growing for more than 300 years

Hundreds of millions of rocks testify to the power of faith

Maybe the next time we meet, it will be more than 1700 meters

Sauntering along the wall

Time seems to stretch

The wise man on the other side of the conversation

Give the mind a nirvana

In addition to

The world’s most ancient stone city — songge mandala stone city

Forever in this land

Look at it from a different Angle

The city will take on different shapes

But the constant is shock, shock

Seishu temple is also called seishu gong horse

Located in the northwest of shiqu county

Built in the 25th year of qianlong’s reign (1760 AD)

It has a history of more than 230 years

In Tibetan, “color beard” means “descendants of pufan wearing yellow hats.”

Legend has it that sexu temple is the home of 7 families from Mongolia

A man named soba (Mongolia) was built in xiashiden

The largest scale of the tang rock group

GuLao legend

Princess wencheng once stayed in Tibet

Archaeological confirmed

The tang rock group is the largest here

Thousands of years of rain, snow, wind and frost

The stone body was eroded into holes

Stone carvings on the Buddha but increasingly image

Praise the carver who was in charge

Night near

The dark blue sky gleamed with stars

Blinking little eyes and neon glow

Like a group of naughty children playing games

Overlooking the county town of shiqu

Transparent street lamps like a long line of extension

The jewel-like stone canal square

All kinds of lights change with the rhythm

That night

The romantic atmosphere is stronger

There’s a Garze kick

Full of Garze county folk dance atmosphere

It is considered to be one of the typical dance performances of kangba

The lively Garze kicks

To bold and unrestrained, enthusiastic kangba culture as the background

More is to show the spirit of kicking and stepping Tibetan folk customs 10,000

Seda county of Garze prefecture is the concentration of Tibetan buddhist temples

All for the red temple

Except for the famous five Ming buddhist college

There are auspicious Tibetan sutra courtyard, a township of the laze temple

Nagegongba temple and dalong temple, sera temple and so on

See the city’s red room let the soul no longer hesitate

The world’s most beautiful wetlands

Changsha gongma national nature reserve

Located in Garze state shiqu county

The county has a wetland area of 1.1 million hectares

Wetlands are rich in biological diversity

More rare species

It’s an important gene pool for species

Garze is mysterious but not far away

This summer, why not take a walk to Garze

See how it differs from what’s on the screen

Feel its true beauty

Holy Garze

Waiting for you to unveil this mysterious veil!