I heard that Ganzi is a child who is favored by God.

So every winter

Falling snow is to put on the most beautiful new clothes for it.

Ganzi’s winter is so cold, the wind is so big.

But only snow

Always a gentle gift

The color prayer script of the back mountain of Dege Printing House

Flying under the blue sky

I want to be this new clothes

Add a touch of color

Thousands of mountains and snow, lama red

On the hard land, standing up with a strong belief

Also because of that belief

Be grateful and be compassionate

Nourished by winter snow

There is also the beautiful Ganzi County.

If you are tired

Just looking for a family to rest

Taste barley wine, butter tea

Greet their friendly eyes

Playing with the children

Gazing at their eyes

Accept a baptism


Sitting on the prairie grass pond

A poem of a section of Cangyang Gyatso


Under the Gee Shenshan

Pick up the warp, pick up a passage

People who have never been to Ganzi

Hope in this life and in this life

Come to this place with stories and wine

Round a dream

Winter in Ganzi, the climate is very cold

Take too many steps out of the door

Keep this side quiet and pure

Inaccessible, but beautiful

This is God’s favor for Ganzi.

Time revolves around Ganzi

Life is here and there

The most beautiful road, only a firm person can finish

The most beautiful scene, only devout people can see

The most beautiful person, only the grateful person can have

Ganzi, I hope that you will be white forever, and you will be well!