If you yearn for the magnificent sea of clouds and snow mountains, then you will not feel strange to cattle back mountain. The best 360° landscape platform in Asia is just the tip of the iceberg in ya ‘an

Ya ‘an, this city that makes people love dearly, she once let the whole nation worry about; And if you have been to ya ‘an, you will also be deeply attracted by the beauty here.

Three of the six 360° landscape platforms in sichuan are collected here, including niubei mountain, Sirentong and Dawagengzha, each of which is desirable!

Sea of clouds, snow mountains, jinshan sunshine, gorgeous stars, the scenery here is unpredictable.

Here also has the small bridge running water ancient town, in that quiet extremely mountain water bank walks, as if walks in own heart wall.

Here there are many never heard of the most beautiful secret, meadow, forest, snow mountains, water, landscape ornament, make here like a beautiful picture.


It is the most beautiful viewing platform in Asia, and also the best place for photography. Once it was shown, its reputation rose rapidly.

King of shu Mountain gongga snow Mountain, queen of snow Mountain siguniang Mountain, Erlang Mountain, wawu Mountain, emei Mountain… A number of famous sichuan snow mountains, all in its field of vision within the collection, constitute the most magnificent cloud sea snow mountain group.

When the clouds pentium, the mountains as small as exquisite jade carving, the view to magnificent, myriad!

And when the golden light broke through the sea of clouds, clouds rolling in, the vast picture of the sunshine, and shocking.

It was only in 2009 that a photographer for national geographic stumbled across the stunning landscape. And mysterious it, once again in 15 years of reform, let a lot of travel friends cried pity.

And it wasn’t until 18 years later that Niubeishan returned again, and that magnificent feast of landscape came back.


Sirentong, a strange name, is another photography mecca and viewing platform after niubei mountain.

It’s actually a hill opposite niu bei mountain, located in yingjing county, sichuan province, 3,510 meters above sea level. Sea of clouds sunrise, sunshine jinshan, gorgeous stars, cattle back mountain, all here.

Standing at the top of the mountain overlooking, the mountains in the distance, towering domes, canyon cloud flying, chutian extreme eyes; Near the rock cold, high fog hidden days, imposing force.

But with the cow back mountain is different, the cow back shandong face bare, walking convenient, but less scenery. However, Sirentong went through mountains and mountains, deep in the primeval forest, if lucky, you can also see squirrels, pheasants and other wild animals.


Of the several viewing platforms in ya ‘an, if Sirentong is a minor celebrity, Dawagengzha is a minor one.

Although the landscape is excellent, but it in addition to senior travelers, few people know, only in the outdoor circle only a little reputation.

It is only 4 hours’ drive from chengdu, but it is praised as “the best 360° landscape platform with access in Asia”. Its landscape is as good as niubei mountain and as atmospheric as Sirentong, but it is not as famous and low-key as them.

Dawagengzha’s best viewing time is around 7 a.m., and if you don’t want to spend the night at the top of the mountain, it’s best to ride up the mountain at around 6 a.m.

However, Dawagengzha won’t let private cars go up the mountain. You can contact the innkeeper to find a car, or take a bus to the scenic spot. Either way, please remember to arrive at the bus stop ahead of time.

Erlang Mountain

Those who have crossed the 318 sichuan-tibet line know that on this road, there is a dangerous road xiongguan once blocked the construction of the sichuan-tibet line, which is Erlang Mountain.

People say, “the long distance sichuan Tibetan line, the natural cut Erlang Mountain.” before the Erlang Mountain tunnel was opened, this was one of the most forbidding roads on the sichuan-tibetan line.

Erlang Mountain is mostly located in tianquan county. In addition to the original winding Mountain road, the scenery itself is not to be missed. Forest, water, canyon, cliff, here is the most mountains and rivers, is the best place for outdoor hiking.

It’s worth mentioning that Erlang Mountain straddles the border of ya ‘an tianquan county, yingjing county and luding county of ganzi state. If you reach Erlang Mountain on the other side of luding, there’s a red rock top to explore.

Hongyan roof is also one of the 360° no-blind landscape platforms in sichuan province, which is closer to gongga and has obvious attraction for photography lovers.


Touring ya ‘an, you might be able to go straight to niubei mountain, Sirentong, and ignore another mountain here, Jinjiashan.

Jinjiashan is located at the border of baoxing county, ya ‘an county and xiaojin county, aba prefecture. This is already a national forest park. Unlike other mountains, there are not only lofty mountains, but also tender meadows and forests.

Mountain road at the side of the wall to extend into the distance, as if rushing into the sea of clouds, into the cloud fairy.


Shenmulei is definitely one of the smallest tourist attractions in baoxing county. The area is small enough to spend two hours in, but it still has a fatal attraction.

It is located in qiaoqi Tibetan township, the only Tibetan township of baoxing county. This primal and primitive Tibetan village and pure natural forest make it a natural oxygen bar.

What’s more, the location is very good. It’s at the foot of Dawagengzha mountain and only a 4-hour drive from chengdu.

And there is a small lake qiaoqi in qiaoqi Tibetan township. When autumn arrives, this place is even more gorgeous and desirable.

Shangli ancient town

Here is linqiong ancient road into ya ‘an important post, also was the red army northbound transit, to ya ‘an play, can not miss in.

Rural hill, wooden house for the house, it seems to still sleep in the depths of time, do not want to wake up, still doing that charming old dream.

The ancient bridge covered with green moss, like a delicate ancient clothing, here gentle, not a bit worse than the river south of the small bridge.