What is the significance of travel? It’s not a matter of walking, not getting on the bus, getting off and taking pictures. You always have a place you always want to go, it is your cinnabar.

For those who have never been to Tibet, the place seems to be out of reach, mysterious but deadly.

For those who have been to Tibet, it is a holy place, the place that is closest to the soul.

Whether it is the mountains and rivers there, or the customs, it seems to be closely related to you, and remains in the memory of life forever.

You haven’t been to Tibet yet. If you are about to embark on a trip to the west, you must remember these eight things.

1. Smile to strangers

Smile is the best language, although it is just a meeting, but a smile can warm the heart and draw closer.

The people here are so simple and innocent, without too many distractions and mundane things.

It’s hard to escape from the world, open up your own feelings, and report the most kind heart to every stranger passing by.

2. Sunbathe in front of the Jokhang Temple

In the warm sun of Lhasa in winter, you can stop and stop at Jokhang Temple Square and take a seat on the spot.

Listen to the stories of the locals themselves.

The old man holding the prayer wheel gathers together and hangs in the sun to chat. Their dark faces are filled with a calm smile, not arrogant…

The sun is on the body, warm. For a moment, how can you be here? who am I? Where am I going?

3. Go to the Potala Palace and turn a prayer wheel

In that month, I shake all the cylinders, not for the super-degree, just to touch your fingertips.

On that day, I closed my eyes in the fragrant mist of the temple, and suddenly heard the truth in your chanting.

4. Go to see the mountain or holy lake

There are many mountaines and holy lakes in Tibet, and they are all very beautiful. The more famous ones are Gang Rinpoche and Mabian.

Every year, devout believers go to the mountains or turn to the lake. They work hard, only for the faith in their hearts.

Tibet is a place of awe in nature.

5. Dedicated to Hada

Hada is a silk fabric used by the Tibetan people as a ritual. It is a gift that the Tibetan people are most popular when they come and go.

Give Hada once and you will find that Tibet is a place where you pay attention to etiquette and hospitality.

6. Listen to a chanting

In Tibet, you can often see them moving forward.

Turning the scriptures, chanting the scriptures, this is their daily homework. Being able to be there and listening to a chanting is an unforgettable experience.

Listening to a chanting, you will have a deep understanding of why Tibet is a place of ultimate faith.

7. Looking at the clouds in the sky

It is rumored that Tibet is the closest place to heaven, as if you can reach the cloud as soon as you reach out.

How long have you been out of bed? It’s just a daze, I don’t want anything.

Looking at the sky in Tibet, let yourself go empty and let the mind choose the direction of progress.

8. Say once to the people around you with a grateful heart, Tashidler

I met the beautiful scenery during the trip and met the enthusiastic passers-by. I remember to say to them, Tashidler.

This time the encounter, perhaps goodbye indefinitely, thanks to the encounter in the trip.

In Tibet, perhaps you have harvested the beauty, maybe you have gained love, maybe you have been free, maybe… in Tibet, have had these experiences, it is worthwhile to do this…