There is a kind of travel called going to Tibet

Always want to see how low the clouds are and how close the sky is

Always want to listen to Buddhism, Buddhism and zen sound, wash the dust of the soul

Always want to feel the kind of quiet and touched from the dust

Everyone’s heart

All have a unique Tibet

It is no longer a place

But the illusion into countless people’s mental mood

This is a place of faith where we can talk about our past lives

It is also a place of pilgrimage for the soul and body

Potala palace is the highest ancient palace in the world

People often put their hands together reverently here

Or the floor

The power of countless beliefs

The people who came here

Even if they’re not believers

Will be deeply moved

Make countless people yearn for Tibet

Really to travel

A lot of people are going to sigh again

Go to Tibet

It means the office worker may have to quit

It means being prepared to face all difficulties

That could mean spending thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan

Not to mention the long journey and the fatigue

I don’t know how long it will take just to get back and forth

Thought of here

Office workers are often powerless

After all, you have to bend over backwards

So, are you willing to spend your whole life gazing at the ocean and sighing?

If there is such a place, can take advantage of the weekend holiday to go, the cost of a few hundred yuan does not affect the daily expenses, you go?

If there is such a place, self-drive can reach without a long journey, away from the noise can let the body and soul walk together, you go?

That year,

Gently turn all meridians

I asked Buddha: how can I be quiet? How can it last?

Buddha said: find yourself.

Then I had an Epiphany

A lot of people, even if they travel all over the world

Nor to the depths of his own heart

Travel is only with feet and eyes

And travel with a soul and a dream

The meaning of travel is on the road

Calm down and listen to your heart

Follow your heart’s path

It doesn’t matter whether you go to Tibet or not

The point is whether you travel with your heart and soul

I owe myself a trip to Tibet

You can do it here

So many lives

The confusion

The lack of wisdom

Live very tired very hard

It’s a mess of desires

Be sure of your life without becoming obsessed

Always remember this poem:

The world is busy, such as water, Hugh will be fame and fortune.

Simple food with fate, wealth and glory do not insist.

When the world is full of dust

Might as well go to the temple to wash the soul