On a limited vacation, do you want to take a leisurely, deep trip to one or two places, or do you just take a quick look? Neither is right or wrong — but if you’re the former, this guide offers some great destinations to choose from.

Tengchong heshun

Different from the lively atmosphere of lijiang Dali, heshun is more of quiet beauty and tranquility — there is no noise, no debunking, and plenty of wet SLATE and warm tea fragrance. Here are the living fossils of Chinese ancient buildings — the powder-painted walls of hui-style, the small Bridges and rivers in the south of the Yangtze river, and even the shadows of European and south Asian architecture. Beijing love story, a popular TV series, was also shot here.

Yogurt lake in nyalam county, Tibet

Dacha wrong, meaning yogurt paste in Tibetan, is one of the three sacred lakes in nyalam county. The lake area is less than 0.25 square kilometers, the lake is oval, deeply embedded in the mountain. Since ancient times, local people and nepalese border people make pilgrimage to leben lake every year on the 15th day of the eighth Tibetan calendar to pray for longevity.

All kinds of flowers bloom on the lakeside hillside, especially from the southeast side of the lake you can see the west xia bonma peak, lake water, snow mountains and blue sky constitute a beautiful picture.

Tanngan Dong village

It is one of the four ecological and cultural reserves funded by Norway in guizhou province. It is a real pastoral world. Here surrounded by mountains and paths crisscross the countryside.

Starting from the entrance of zhaoxing village, passing through xiag village in the middle of the mountain, to tang ‘an village at the top of the mountain, the road is almost full of terraced fields, which is also touted as a classic hiking route. The whole journey lasts about three hours. Along the way, the mountain peaks, terraces, between the hillside dwellings according to the mountain, hanging feet, orderly.

Wugong Mountain

The scenery is beautiful but there are few tourists. Wugong Mountain has long been famous in the outdoor travel circle. Wugong Mountain has the best alpine grassland scenery in the world at the same latitude — a 100,000-acre meadow that rises over 1,600 meters above sea level, piercing clouds and fog.

Cloudy all the year round is the characteristic of Wugong Mountain, especially at the top of the Mountain, surrounded by clouds all the year round. When sightseeing and having a rest at the top of the Mountain, you need to wear clouds and walk, sweep clouds and sit, pillow clouds and sleep. For visitors who are not used to tents, the imperfect accommodation needs to be overcome.

Niubeishan mountain

Not many people know Niubeishan mountain, but it has a reputation as “China’s largest 360-degree viewing platform” and “an excellent place to take photos” — surrounded by mountains that jut out from the center and face the qingyi river, offering panoramic views and a sea of clouds. In addition, night watching stars is also a great thing, do not wait for summer, on the top of the mountain as if you can touch the sky place yourself in the stars.