With the continuous boom of tourism, more and more people like to go out to travel in their spare time, especially in July and August every year, which is the peak period of tourism, the tourist attractions in many parts of the country enter the crowded mode. Tibet is full of scenery, of course, in the prime time of tourism, many scenic spots are not little crowded form, but there are many hidden Tibet, because little known, so, these secret in this tourism season is very cold and desolate.

Zhe gu cuo

Compared to many measures in Tibet, this lake is not known to many people, it is said to be the original place of Tibetan mastiffs, but in modern times, it is difficult to find pure Tibetan mastiffs here. Different from the hustle and bustle of the city, everything here is very harmonious. Tibetan wild donkeys run freely, and many wild animals enjoy themselves to the fullest. This natural scenic spot in shannan requires passing through the zhegu grassland. This grassland is not a typical flat grassland, but only a hill full of herbage and small flowers. The huge rolling grassland is completely different from the emptiness of the grassland in northern Tibet. The best way to visit the zhegu grassland is to walk along the zhegu lake. Just a few kilometers away, the scenery is infinite. The holy lake, grassland, mountains, sky and clouds can be enjoyed from near to far. Here you can see groups of Tibetan wild donkeys, yellow sheep walking side by side, so leisurely posture, as if a painting has existed for thousands of years. In Tibet, you slow down your whole body and mind and get used to it. Birds often gather in zhegu lake. The lake is surrounded by vast grasslands and rolling snow mountains, just like a giant dragon dancing. The gradually changing colors of the lakes and mountains can be seen from time to time. There was an endless blue sky overhead, separated by clouds from the blue of the lake. Clouds give color to the lake, shadows to the mountains, and if light gives color here, time changes colors.


Lamulacuo is located in gacha county, shannan, Tibet. This lake is not beautiful among the many lakes in Tibet, but it is hidden in the hinterland and on the top of mountains. Moreover, the lake area is not large, but it is the most legendary lake in Tibet, and it has a supreme status in the hearts of tibetans. Every year at Lamulacuo, which is frozen for seven months, there is a wonderful legend that people who are lucky enough to visit this lake can see the previous life and afterlife of the divine metaphor through the illusive images of the lake. The sacred lake can show the future destiny of every person who goes to worship the sacred lake. As long as they stare at the lake reverently, the sacred lake can show the pilgrims various visions of the future. Therefore, Lamulacuo sacred lake is well known in Tibet.


This is a grand canyon in the middle of loza county, with high and deep landforms, known as the “great cliff in the south”. Located in the south of the mountain, this valley not only has beautiful natural scenery, but also has countless historical and cultural heritage. The southeast of loza is characterized by subtropical semi-humid and humid climate, while the northwest is characterized by plateau temperate semi-arid monsoon climate. In addition, the complex topography and changeable climate form natural landscapes such as legengou waterfall and kuragangri peak.

Buhler ditch

There is a place called Buhler ditch in Tibet, like a small motuo, cangyang jiatuo once for here on the most beautiful poetry “had thought sentimental loss brahman line, into the mountain and fear don’t fall. If you live up to your obligations, you will live up to your obligations.” Under the gift of nature, there is a fresh breath, such as birds and flowers, the climate is mild as new, the air is pleasant, mountains and rivers converge here, and there is an obsession with the beautiful scenery, which also makes people who come here more nostalgic, more curious about the future. In addition to stunning rhododendrons, there are rapids and waterfalls running down the valleys, surrounded by green mountains and trees, rushing down the rugged mossy roads, and hitting people cool and refreshing when the water hits the stones. Brisk, clever waterfall shuttle in the dense vegetation in the mountains, sometimes gently gentle, sometimes turbulent radical, as if in a music music one after another.


Compared with namco, magar, serin and yamdrok, pekoc is hardly famous. Fortunately, with the reflection of xixia bonma peak and the sound of the waves of yarlung zangbo river, the shape of this precious gourd, representing the auspicious mountain haizi, gives people reasons to move and stop. Pekcuo is the largest lake in xigaze, and it is a saltwater lake. The lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with an open terrain and abundant fish resources. In summer, pekcuo is rich in vegetation and picturesque, while in winter, the lake looks blue and mysterious.